“The cask all went on Day 1 !”

April 13th. Day 2 of the Great (Semi) Reopening. Oh, and “EVERY PUB IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT – No. 1“. We stayed local. When we arrived in Sheffield back before Christmas, the Walkley Cottage looked like this; Now, new landlord installed in time for the 12th, the scaffolding has gone, but my dodgy photography (I… Continue reading “The cask all went on Day 1 !”


You can always tell when the pubs have reopened as Tim Martin will be trending:Beer Twitter dropping all “Be Nice” pretence to slag off the guy who brought £1.99 pints to the masses. At the table next to me in the Sheffield Waterworks, an off duty Spoons employee was vigorously defending his boss, contrasting his… Continue reading TIM MARTIN IS TRENDING