My calendar* is looking a little bare. The highlights are the arrival of the skip on Thursday and the putting out of the green bin. Oh, and a couple of things on the 12th.

I thought I’d have to do some work in the garden this afternoon but luckily the snow “storm” arrived just in time.

Doesn’t look too impressive but I’m keeping the fleece as evidence.

As you’d imagine my time is taken up adding my Elkie Brooks LPs to Discogs and buying chocolate planning out the Glorious 12th.

I’m rich !

Don’t drink TOO much next Monday” says Mrs RM, who I sense is devastated she’s arranged her 3 hour root extraction for that morning.

I heard a report that only 17% of pubs were actually re-opening on the 12th, but after a slow start Sheffield seems to have gone “wine garden” crazy.

Both my crafty pubs, the Blind Monkey and the Raven,

have just joined in the fun in the sun, and this weekend came the news via Sheffield CAMRA that your favourites in the Valley of Beer will be competing for my £3.50.

Shame they couldn’t open on that glorious Saturday, really.

We will have a (fully enclosed) visitor on Monday who’s never been to the Fat Cat, Kelham Island Tavern,

OR the Tap.

And no booking required ! What could be better than a Monday doing the classics ?

Well, Spoons opens at 9am, and Mrs RM has told me not to overdo it, I guess.

*If you can name the pub that Matthew is in you win a Scotch pie (no other flavours available).

23 thoughts on “12 APRIL – NEW FACTS EMERGE

  1. I envy you, we’ve got to wait until 26 April for our garden delights. Having said that, today’s weather (horizontal snow, wind Severe Gale 9 gusting Storm 10) might make the enjoyment of alfresco Tennent’s somewhat challenging.

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      1. Bring it on. Don’t like social distancing, table service, etc but will put up with it for the simple pleasure of sitting IN a pub with a beer I didn’t pour myself. Haven’t done that since Christmas Eve.


      2. Depends on Nippy and her chums. Mainland Scotland is in Level 4 lockdown but Shetland, Orkney and most of the other islands are in Level 3, which means the pubs can technically open but with no alcohol, so they’re all shut. The aim is to take the mainland down to Level 3 on the 26th but no decisions seem to have been taken about the Isles. Ideally, we’d go to Level 1, which is where we were until Christmas and which means the pubs would be open as normal. We have no Covid in Shetland at the moment so I can’t see any reason why things can’t get back to something like normal, especially as we have a Holyrood election coming up and the SNP are desperate to win Shetland. Let’s face it, you’d need to be drunk to vote for them.


  2. Pleased to see that several of your local pubs are not insisting on pre-booking.

    “No need to book, just come down,” is the type of advice I approve of. Kentish Paul.

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    1. I see where you’re coming from. With my more pessimistic outlook, I can imagine turning up at my pub and finding a queue about an hour long and a two mile walk to the next pub, which also turns out to have a queue….

      You get the picture. Booking can have its advantages.

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      1. I do get the picture Will, but pre-booking is off-putting for those who just fancy a swift pint (even worse if it’s on a whim), and not much use either for the licensee, when a ticker turns up, purchases a half, and then tips it into the nearest plant pot.

        (Mentioning no names, you understand!)


      1. I don’t want to book either, unless it’s a special occasion, such as a family meal. And yes, cancellations are the bane of the restaurant/food-led pub trade.

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  3. Looks like you’ve got a lovely view there from your garden!

    Was a bit surprised to see that line about “only 17% of pubs actually re-opening on the 12th.” Do you reckon this is a matter of only 17% choosing to re-open on that day (the others choosing not to, for a variety of reasons), or only 17% actually being allowed to open on that day?

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      1. There are so many different reply buttons, and then after you click on one, the whole page shifts sideways and down and you can’t remember what you were going to say, and end up blurting out any old rubbish in reply to the wrong post!

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  4. They can only reopen if they have a suitable outdoor area. Some pubs have been able to enhance existing spaces, or even applied for special permission to use previously unused space, but it all costs money that you may not recover, given the extra expense of table service and the possibility of bad weather and low turnout.

    I know the owner of a small group of pubs in Sheffield (each with a small garden) is keeping his staff furloughed until 17 May because he doesn’t reckon he’ll make any money. Others may consider that opening again after three months of closure will make customers so grateful that they’ll remain loyal after the slow ones finally open up. Who knows which one is going to be proved right?

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  5. I assume the “skip” entry on the diary is part of your Rocky-esque training regime for the 12th, with a later photo opportunity arranged for the local press of you running up the steps of City Hall. The back garden clearance is so you can chase chickens around in there, isn’t it?

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