No, not a tribute band performing deep cuts from “Pelican West“*, but Part III of “Manchester in the sun” as Matt, Emma, Mrs RM and myself conclude 3 hours worth of mild exploration of the world’s greatest city by re-crossing the Irwell into Spinningfields.

The Canary Wharf of the North ? Possibly. This posh office/bar area isn’t much good, unless you like tall shiny buildings housing accountants and another chain of The Ivy (top), which we concluded we weren’t expecting to re-open on the Glorious 12th.

Don’t worry, you’re a mere hop, skip and jump across Deansgate to Lloyd Street where the understated/underrated Rising Sun and Old Nags Head greet you.

I got the soya lattes in from Cafe Nero (best of the coffee chains, agrees Emma) while Matt headed to his barbers in Brazennose Street (great name).

They’ve been building in Manchester, you know.

Maclures Barbers is tucked into this little courtyard just off Albert Square, next to coffee shops, Greggs and the Little Gem where Tony Wilson‘s funeral was held.

Matt popped in to set up the on-line booking system while I looked in jealously.

If you’d given me a choice between a Doom Bar in the Spoons and a haircut there and then, I’d have been torn.

A pint of Moonraker in Duttons would have made it an easier decision.

Some serious investment in pavement drinking at Duttons and the Slug & Lettuce next door. If we don’t see Mudgie and Cooking Lager sat there in the cold on Monday 12th then we’ll know they hate pubs, won’t we ?

We ambled back, avoiding the “Kill the Bill” protest against a rumoured Tarantino prequel, and noted how Manchester glistened.

Is this really to be the new Brew Dog hotel ? I want to shower in beer, possibly the Jet Black Heart.

Quite a contrast with its soon-to-be neighbour, which I’ve NEVER been in despite the promise of GK IPA.

Perhaps it was the absence of crowds, perhaps the weather, but every street corner back to Ancoats seemed to reveal new treasures I’d not noticed before.
I was in a positive mood, only slightly dampened by Matt revealing the reflected Oasis lyrics in the Rochdale Canal.

But which Oasis lyric, eh ?

*Niche early ’80s UK pop reference for Mark there

6 thoughts on “HAIRCUT v PUB

  1. I’ve never found Moonraker in Duttons which I think of as a slightly upmarket Lost Dene.
    There’s time for both, and maybe using up a voucher, before noon.

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  2. You may have said, but what made you choose Sheffield over “the world’s greatest city”? I would love to be able to make that decision for myself…


    1. Compromises.

      Mrs RM prefers Sheffield, feels closer to the Peak while I prefer the city.

      It’s an hour plus closer to the parents (2hrs 20 mins for mine on an easy road).

      The housing where we are is more traditional with parking and small garden, in Manchester you’re mostly talking flats with no chance of a space for the campervan.

      Having said all that, I think she made a brilliant choice with the house, which I guess you’ll see more of once pubs and restaurants return.

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      1. “Compromises” – and that sums up finalising the itineraries for the Beer and pubs Forums’s Proper Days Out and we’ve never had a disappointing one yet.

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      2. On the other hand Manc does have its villages, as does London, with houses, e.g. Didsbury, Withington, etc.

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      3. It does, but they’re well out of the centre compared to Walkley, Crookes or Broomhill. I’d have liked Stockport, which has its own centre as well as 10 minute train to Manchester but there were very few central properties on the market.


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