29th December 2019

How you feeling ?” said Mrs RM, on Sunday Morning.

Fine“. I wasn’t.

Actually, “How you feeling ?” means “get me a coffee, now“.

At least the Premier Inn in Fox Street is quiet. One of the reasons for staying in central Preston was to see if gets “lively” at night. Despite the two nightclubs a few yards away, all I heard was a loud scream at about 3am. I think the Green Devil had run out.

Fox St
Beachcomber and Kuckoo. One of these was once a classic ale house

Later that day I was meeting James, who’d been staying with Matt in Salford Quay, to watch City v Sheffield United and applaud the introduction of VAR to our national sport.

Time for a leisurely breakfast in Preston’s Brucciani’s, one of those places you take for granted and find yourself in Café Nero or Spoons by mistake.


Rare non-Bass mirror
Sign saying Scones

It looks posher than it is, bit like Bewley’s in Dublin I guess. You feel you’re somewhere grand till you realise you order at the bar and collect your own cutlery.

Eggs Benedict

Lovely eggs benedict, hot black coffee.

But most striking was the wall of honour, “Mr Manchester” standing with Bill above John and Billy. Not sure where BRAPA was.

Someone’s heroes, all

Anthony H Wilson is rarely far from my mind when I visit Manchester, and I was a little tearful when I learnt Matt was working opposite the Little Gem where Tony’s funeral took place.

Just like him, Manchester is constantly evolving, which is as much its appeal as its problem for some.

I’d arranged to meet the lads for a pre-match meal at Bundobust, and on the 3rd time of trying (two Trans Pennines cancelled) I caught the train to Deansgate, yards from Tony Wilson Place.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but there’s some great pubs on Portland Street.


Bundobust isn’t a great pub, and if you’re doing an alcohol-free day it’s a bit difficult ignoring their beer board. Mrs RM would have insisted on a pint of the Cascade.

All your BBB favourites
I’m a fan of the south Indian dosas and dips, Matt less so

Tony Wilson would be proud to see his city striding forward 12 years after his tragically early death, if a bit miffed by the pace with which City have overtaken United.

Everything flows.


28 thoughts on “ANTHONY H. WILSON

      1. No, I wanted to keep it ‘Preston’s best kept secret’ only mentioning it to other PubMen.
        Er, yes, I might not have booked the Sun had I been accompanied by my dear wife.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve stayed in Premier Inns on Mrs Mudge’s recommendation and you might get a decent pint of Sharps or Brains but (a) they’re more expensive than the Sun, (b) it’s not right having windows that can’t be opened, (c) the beds are unusually high and I fell off in the middle of the night breaking a toe and (d) they might have run out of bubble and squeak for breakfast.


      2. and (e) I wasn’t given a room on the Tay side despite requesting one several months earlier.
        That said I’ve found them infinitely better than the two guest houses I’ve used.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. My Dad went to the same secondary school as Tony Wilson, De La Salle College in Salford, albeit in the fifties rather than the sixties when Tony was there.

    Liked by 1 person

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