A short post on the rest of Tuesday’s return to the Valley of Beer, which proved a few points;

Pashmina Si

The last of those may be most subject to debate.

Sheffield 2.PNG
Sheffield crawl map cruelly omits the Sam Smiths pub

Next stop was the Kelham Island Tavern, which some of you may have heard of.  In the 2000s it won “Best Pipers Crisps Outlet” two years in a row.  The certificates are still on the wall, and rightly so.

It’s another gorgeous multi-roomer, with proper bench seating, beer mats, and professional drinkers at 3pm midweek.

Kelham Island Tavern
Proper seating

Another great place for #PubMen to talk about the remotest pub* we’d been to, the status of the Cooper’s Tavern and other “stuff” only Richard will remember.

Last time here I had a half of Nutty Black (don’t ask); this time I was definitely going for something hoppy and local.

Northern head on the Brodies

Ugh, who’d have that Jamaican Stout with rum in it ?” said Richard.

So I had the Jamaican Stout from That Leyton.  It was cool and magnificent, NBSS 4.5 if I’m honest.

Richard enjoyed a lengthy conversation in Yorkish with the landlord, a jolly man.

That Bass isn’t what it was, you know

Another pub as good as it ever was.  As was this one;

The Psychedelic Shakespeare
Great pub doors No.7

I scored The Shakespeare highly for beer when it reopened 5 years ago, and just as highly now.  Astonishingly, it was also as busy as the Fat Cat and the Kelham, which is quite a shock when you’re used to being the only customer in a pub at 4pm.

Too many pumps, but strangely beer superb
Higsons men

I think we all had the “new” Barnsley Bitter, which showed you just how a good a beer you can get for £2.50 these days (NBSS 4).  I think this discovery prompted some rare nostalgic memories of the Strawberry in Anfield, run by much missed Oakwell brewery.


Simon missed the upstairs music room, which features 3 classics from Pub Curmudgeon’s collection.  Perhaps.


Top pub clock too.


And so back to the station and the SheffieldTap. Not my sort of place, far too many beers on etc. etc.

Too many beers Vol.766

But finding a table dead on 5pm cheered us up, and you can’t deny it’s an attractive place, even if folk are brushing past you all the time looking for the loo.


Opinion on the Bristol Beer Factory varied, but I reckoned it better than 80% of the ale I’ve had in the last month (NBSS 3.5).

Look at those lacings

My notes are a little hazy at this point.  I wish they’d said “STOP NOW. DON’T GO TO THE RUTLAND“. But there you go.

Finally, here’s a sneak preview of Richard’s notes.  Hope they’re not as controversial as the notes Dick and Dave took last year.



*Have a guess.  Go on.


18 thoughts on “THE VALLEY (OF BEER) RUNS DEEP

  1. Nope, none of those three in my collection, although I do have “Can’t Buy a Thrill” and the Dan’s Greatest Hits collection “Reelin’ in the Years”. I did have a vinyl LP of “Katy Lied” but never rebought it on CD.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Pretzel Logic really deserves to be better know, don’t you think? Every track a winner. I especially enjoy “With a Gun,” as it sounds entirely different from anything else they recorded– almost like a Rubber Soul-era Beatles song.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent scarf wearing from Simon, properly wrapped round with none of this larks footing that most scarf wearers seem to go in for nowadays.


  3. I loved the Kelham Island when I went there, it was a darn site busier though as I went on a Sunday. Well done for having a go on the Brodie’s Jamaican Stout, one of my favourite breweries, love their pub Soho

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hard to say how controversial our notes are when you cannot read your own handwriting. Richard does use a much more stylish pen that we do.


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