I’ve decided to give you an easy one today. Lorenzo has probably got it already.

I’ve even told you what our island is famous for (above). I’ve visited just once, in 2008, when I got told off for taking photos of the airport. I think they were smuggling in copies of the Good Beer Guide, which routinely gives this place a lone entry.

Our mystery “boozer” is a GBG entry I haven’t got to yet, but neither has Duncan, so that’s OK. When I moored up in 2008 I did one pre-emptive that got in the Guide a few years later, to unconfined joy. That one was Georgian, but the this place is very definitely dominated by V & A.

The island sounds like a cross between Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotous 3rd solo album and my own worst joint. Talking of those, you can walk it in a couple of hours, admiring the vegetation (part of the asparagus family, it says).

No active Covid cases here, due to the stringent protective clothing requirements imposed on visitors.

This chap refused to comply with the rules, he’s probably French.

Or perhaps he just knows a pint of John Smiths Smooth wards off all viruses.


  1. You mean there’s a currently open tick you’ve missed during mainland lockdown? Not trying hard enough. Also proves that when visiting these small islands, every bar should be tried to avoid having to bother going back again.
    BTW, possibly your worst punning clue to date. Well done.

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      1. It’s a beaut eh?

        Funnily enough it leads us to the general area that I suspected from the sky, sea and vegetation.

        Now, I wonder which pub it is?

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    1. If it’s any consolation I wouldn’t have got any of them either, Tony ! I’ve never been to any of them, just picked randomly from Google maps.

      Yes, only 5 days. Sadly my nearest new GBG pub to you is the Aldershot West End Centre which has no re-opening date or I’d have popped by to say hello.

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      1. Yes, that’s it.
        But not at all like Becky’s Dive Bar, the “splendidly squalid below street level bar on Southwark Street” we loved so much before ‘the Health Lobby’ closed it down. ,

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  2. Yes, that was easy given the diverse nature of the pubs. A place once described as “two thousand alcoholics clinging to a rock”.


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