The in-laws came down to visit us at Rye Harbour in July; this time they didn’t stay for fourteen (14) nights.

Rye looked pretty stunning, and a seal performed for us in the estuary separating sandy Camber from pebbly Rye. What does seal taste like ?

The local pub was growing on us, particularly the unpretentious beer garden. I’ve switched from the average cask to the pretty decent keg and Spitfire lager.

The People of Kent were sticking to the 1698.

In the evening, with the in-laws back in T’Wells, we braved the Saturday night-time entertainment in the clubhouse, because we’re brave and wouldn’t be picked on to singalong.

Craft options for both of us;

You can tell the Moretti’s craft from the bubbles.

Entertainment from two blokes from Wolverhampton via the 1970s, performing Brown Eyed Girl, Crazy Nights, and all your Britpop faves from 1982.

And this magic moment;

“SEE ! I knew you’d enjoy it !” seethed Mrs RM.

All I could think of were the last 100 pubs.


  1. Moretti is pretty much as ‘craft’ as Fosters. It is a mass-produced fizzy lager made by the world’s biggest brewer. I’ve just spent a week in Italy. Some decent lagers there. Moretti nowhere to be seen.

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