And so to the last Hampshire tick, one I actually failed to do in GBG21, which tells you how destructive Omicron was to tickers’ dreams.

In early July I actually wondered if the Harrow in Steep might be my FINAL triumphant Guide tick, but you know how that ends.

I’d have gone past the Harrow, a pleasant 20 minute hop from Petersfield Station, at least 65 times over the years on the M3 down to Pompey, and knew of its existence the way everyone knows of the Dyffryn Arms or the Pub with no Name. even if they’ve never been.

It looks the classic upmarket but basic drinker’s pub, down a dead-end lane built for horses, and the sort of menu last seen in 1965 (or at a certain Cambridgeshire pub with similar values).

Who can resist a pub with outside loos ?

Or an entrance like this ?

and flagstone floors like this;

Well, the Good Beer Guide can resist its charms, it seems, as it hadn’t graced the good book for many, many years despite all those charms and the Flack Double Drop from the barrel.

And as usual, the GBG has a point, for my pint is OK but flat dispense for once does it no favours (NBSS 2). The truth that dares speaks its name.

To be honest, it’s worth your £4 odd to experience the smells from the real fire, the banter from the lads, the sheer gorgeousness of the whole thing.

In an ideal world you’d get the beer from the Gate in Park Gate and drink it here, rather than in a suburban shop conversion.

But you can’t have everything.


      1. I would include Boar’s Head, Black Horse, Coopers, Lord Nelson, several of the Midlands pubs, but I have to say my list would get pretty long.


      2. We did visit the Black Horse with Paul Mudge. What a pub. The ones that jump to mind are Blue Anchor Helston and Holly Bush Inn Makeney. Not sure I’ll make it to Helston…I intend to head north next year.

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      3. Dave,
        Yes the Black Horse is a lovely pub so let’s hope its Grade II listing saves it from owners Robinsons.
        And the Blue Anchor, visited several times since July 1974, and Holly Bush, only about three times, are both wonderfully proper pubs.


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