Just back from Cardigan with many tales to tell, but for now I’ll just answer Dave’s question about the Dyffryn Arms, one of our classic, basic, unspoilt pubs.

Mr Coe’s list

YES, it’s (just) back open after the fire this year, Dave.

And as great as ever.


My first visit since that 33rd birthday trip I mentioned recently.

And a stop Duncan insisted on as we were virtually passing the door on a glorious Pembrokeshire afternoon.

Not Waterbeach

I’d actually forgotten about the fire, as the single room is just as I remembered it from ’97, bar the usual bewildered American tourists wondering where the menu is.

No, Duncan didn’t ask for tasters

Bessie is resilient, we were told, and I’m sure she is.

In her temporary absence, a charming family member poured the Bass from the jug for Duncan, while I regretted my offer to drive that day.

A couple of locals were talking Welsh when we arrived, but happily switched to Scots to chat about life and Bass.


Just a wonderfully peaceful pub, though no doubt Coldwell will wonder why they haven’t got Marshmallow Stay Puft on keykeg.

Flat Bass. I was allowed a sip. Nectar
A picture of Pubmeister contentment

On the way to the outside loos we met a couple visiting from Bristol. They were virtually regulars. They’d even discovered the pub garden (one table), which is almost as good as the bar.


Go there now. Preferably, drive me there now.


  1. “Just back from Cardigan with many tales to tell,”

    Do any of them involve balaclavas and charging half a league into a hail of cannon shot?
    (metaphorically speaking of course)


    Do they get a lot of fires then? Streetview from 2011 shows it being ‘renovated’ back then as well.

    “Not Waterbeach”

    Gorgeous view.

    “while I regretted my offer to drive that day.”



    I could see me sitting there having a pint (or two!) in the afternoon.

    “A picture of Pubmeister contentment”

    That’s cause he’s not driving. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Go there now. Preferably, drive me there now.”

    It’s on my list now. Honest!



  2. Yes thatโ€™s a great selfie. As we discovered the house was damaged not the bar. It is a special place and the sun shone that afternoon as we toured the west coast. Very good of you to drive- though I manfully has to drink for two!

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