No post for a whole day?!

I must be dead? Or bored of blogging?

No, merely tied up on a world tour of West Wales with Duncan, the Pubmeister. Drinking gin at midnight in Bangor like a Fiddler’s Dram roadie.

And my mouse batteries have died.

Anyway, here’s some things to look forward to in future blogs, WiFi permitting.

All your favourite themes then.

29 thoughts on “A HEADS UP

  1. The photo is the Tafarn Sinc at Rosebush in Pembrokeshire, which isn’t in the 2019 GBG. I was told there I couldn’t eat my (rather tiny) Ploughman’s Lunch in the bar, and had to move into the dining area.

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    1. Five points, Mudgie.

      The Tafarn Sinc is a yoyo GBG entry but drove past so had to stop and admire the old station.

      And yes, it was very “family diner” so can imagine the fussiness.


      1. I think it’s been closed and reopened by a community buyout since my visit in 2015. I would have described it then as “quirky to the point of annoyingness” rather than archetypal family diner.

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      2. I shall use “quirky to the point of annoying” when I post on it, if I do. The beer was rubbish, the novelty wore off. Old bit of station in the garden attractive


    2. But might the Ploughman’s Lunch have been an excuse and the proper reason you were moved was that they wanted only Welsh spoken in the bar ?

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    1. Russ was just happy that there weren’t a dozen of Martin’s post to catch up on!

      Oh, by the way, while that wasn’t me in the video, like most Canadians I do tend to hug after a fight. Of course, the only fights I get into these days are with the missus, so some of those fights I start deliberately just so I have an excuse for a good, er, hugging. πŸ™‚


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  2. There are several places called “Bangor” dotted about the Celtic world, with at least two in Wales, two in Brittany, and one in Ireland. I wonder if Banchory in Scotland counts?

    It means a monastery, or a college, I gather.

    Any more, anyone?


      1. Etu,
        Isn’t ‘harpist’ a euphemism for what we are not long before we leave the pub after properly imbibing for a few hours ?


  3. You may be surprised that I was actually concerned with your lack of posts (goodness knows why as I don’t even know you ! ) I have now caught up with the older posts & await future publications -the pics look “fascinating “


  4. “here’s some things to look forward to in future blogs, WiFi permitting.”

    For the photo immediately below; is the amenity the fact that one can surreptitiously pee without being seen?

    Third photo (with the red car): This is Chernobyl, right? I see a radiation sign in the far back on the window. What else could account for all of the … *cough* decay? πŸ˜‰

    Fifth photo (man highlighted in green – did Si do that?): Obviously he needs that amenity from the first photo. πŸ™‚

    “All your favourite themes then.”

    How well you know us.



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