I finally found the Pub With No Name at Prior’s Dean, which is odd because it’s called the White Horse.  It’s appeared in Beer Guides and Pub Guides over the years, as famed for it’s remoteness as it’s historic interior.

As with quite a few “remote” pubs, it’s only a couple or so miles off a major road, the A3 at Petersfield.  That 2 mile journey takes a good 20 minutes though, on several very minor roads better suited to horses.

Priors Dean is a hamlet that isn’t even shown on my very large-scale Philip Navigator, and the pub isn’t even in the village. With no internet, and no signs, actually finding the pub is better done on foot, as that’s the only way you’ll notice the remains of the sign, and the pub is set well back from the sign.  The pub cat by the pond is a bit of a giveaway as well, I suppose.  It’s as quiet as you’d expect, bar the flying Chinook.

It’s the sort of rustic old pub that the Good Pub Guide and the wealthy love, and does indeed look like most of it’s business comes from the affluent villages towards Alton and Petersfield.

But it also feels like a pub that drinkers would use, and I don’t see lots of reserved signs on tables in the main bar, which is stunning.  The youngish Landlord also has the sort of irreverent conversation with you that you just don’t get much anymore. Lovely bloke.

It’s a must-visit pub.  The only slight thing against it may be obvious if you look below.


Those are all very good beers; I think my Ringwood would be even better if it was one of four not one of eight  !

2 thoughts on “PUB WITH NO NAME

  1. I went here once in the early 80s and vaguely remember being a bit underwhelmed. Back then it served beer on gravity – the 1977 GBG lists it as having Eldridge Pope Royal Oak, Courage Directors and Youngs Special and Mild on gravity, and Bass on electric pump (!?). Not many lower-gravity beers there for drivers.

    Even then it’s described as “smart free house with beams and brasses” and is listed as being in the Good Food Guide. Maybe I was expecting somewhere a bit more down-to-earth.

    I take it you’ve been to the Harrow at Steep just down the road.


    1. Yes – I was expecting something more basic too, but the Landlord made the pub for me. Still had the Bass mirror but it’s a Fullers pub now.

      Rather depressingly I haven’t been to the Harrow; must have driven quite close to it as well and stayed in the Premier Inn a mile’s walk away. Oddly, it’s been out of the Beer Guide for a while.


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