Before I visit Bradford (coming up !), let me thank you for your prayers, pictures of Doom Bar and messages of solidarity as I enter week 2 of my in-laws fourteen (14) day visit.

Last week I helped them check into the Sheffield’s premier old-fashioned hotel The Rutland, whose bar looks like it’s been stolen from a decommissioned O’Neills.

It’s very important you don’t confuse it with Sheffield’s craft beer emporium of the similar name.

My mother-in-law had driven the 227 miles from Tunbridge Wells.

And I suggested she needed a gin & tonic after a marathon effort (stopping off in, coincidentally, Rutland) and some scary parking manoeuvres.

Their hotel is a lengthy uphill walk from the pubby delights of Walkley and Kelham (i.e. our house), but a mere four minutes from the nearest Spoons. Apart from a trip to the Opera House in the Wells, I don’t think they’d ever been to a Timbo Emporium before.

Quick service, cheap prices, G & T and Kelham Best in the garden. An ideal start to the trip.

Well, two out of four. There was NO tonic for the copious gin, whatsoever, and despite my ignorance of “adult” drinks I was aware that a “gin tops” was not a thing.

But the real issue was the service. Ordered at 15:01, at 15:30 we were still waiting (though loads of puddings emerged from the kitchen).

Mrs RM always urges me to be patient, but patience is not a retiredmartin virtue, and I donned mask to venture to the bar and chase down order number #231777.

Running a bit behind, mate, sorry, be out shortly“.

My father-in-law was not impressed. “Why can’t you just stand at the bar and bring them back ?

What an excellent question.

Anyhow, when they came ten minutes later the Kelham was an OK NBSS 3, not a patch on the Fat Cat but OK.

A visit to the Fat Cat is on the detailed itinerary I’ve prepared for the in-laws. If they’re following it, they’ll be in Glossop right now.

You have been warned.


    1. My mistake, Peter, it was apparently the lack of mixer that was the issue. And you can’t mix gin with Doom Bar, oddly.

      You’re right, pubs are drowning in gin at the moment!


      1. “…you can’t mix gin with Doom Bar”

        Well as it happens, beer and gin is a recognised beverage called a Dog’s Nose.

        Not that I’d dream of trying it, it sounds boggin’!

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