As we headed into June this year I still needed two hundred and sixty-five (265) pubs to complete the Good Beer Guide, and a dozen islands.

So summer was always going to be a bit manic, as leaving completion to the autumn is fraught with potential risks; war, pestilence, strikes, covid resurgence, pubs shut to watch funerals etc etc

No-one was keener to see me finish the Guide than Mrs RM, who waved me off to Cornwall in mid July with a cheery “And don’t come back without the Scillies !“.

Actually, she didn’t wave me off; Mrs RM was tucked up in a caravan in Rye Harbour with 2 bottles of Malbec and a crate of Beavertown from Jempsons, but you get the idea.

First stop, Bridgwater. I could have done this on the Bristol trip in March, but seem to have got distracted by Bass in Bath.

A mere half hour walk from the station out towards the Quantocks, though Bridgwater has never portrayed itself as a gateway to one of our most underrated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The West India House is on the way to Enmore, where I used to drive Matt to see his mate before finger boarding contests in Bristol, though I can’t say I notice its charms back then.

It’s in the more prosperous bit of town, and has out back a frankly wondrous garden that comes in handy ten minutes later (you know where this is going).

Two local beers gets you in the Guide in 2022, even if no-one drinks it.

I really failed Corby Mark here, failing to record the skittle alley as I was distracted by the use of beer barrels for lamp holders.

So let’s nick one off their Facebook;

With a huge gin range and artisan (isn’t everything ?) pizzas it was clearly aimed more at the mums than me, and gave me one of the best welcomes of the year.

So I can’t knock the pub, and will just blame the summer heat for the state of the beer and move quickly on.


  1. “I really failed Corby Mark here, failing to record the skittle alley…”

    I’m used to it.

    Looking forward to your Quantock adventure, we went there this year so it’s a rare ‘Places Corby Mark Has Heard Of” area…

    Liked by 1 person

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