Actually, not that much special about the post, just the Bass.

Despite my sole GBG tick in the Palace, the Star was the real reason were here.

Jon had actually visited the day before, just to confirm the availability of Bass in the prescribed manner.

Even if it didn’t have Bass, the Star is still a star, tucked up the hill amongst Bath’s Georgian crescents.

Alarmingly, the early arrivals hadn’t asked for their Bass from the jug, and the minimum dispense in that method was three (3) pints.

Still, if I have to drink 3 pints of myself for the killer shot, so be it. I am selfless.

Given how quickly the jug disappeared, and the look of contentment on Nick‘s face, I’d say that this is the most drinkable beer in the UK. Cool, silky, complex, unique. NBSS 5, obviously.

Even Citra, who’d resisted its charms initially, had to admit it was worth coming back from the dead in 2018 for. Possibly.

After an hour Jon went back for another jug, which at the time seemed the best idea in the world, ever. The next morning, I wasn’t so sure.

And yes, I was wearing my T-shirt.


  1. Envy you in The Star. Today I have been drinking keg Hobgoblin (NKHSS 2.5) in THAT Marston’s dining pub on a retail park on the outskirts of Dundee and Tennent’s Lager (NTLSS 3.5) in a noisy Spoons in Aberdeen.

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  2. To be fair, in my last few days on the Scottish mainland, I have had superb Jarl in the Inverkip Hotel (3.5) and the Chestnuts Hotel, Ayr (4) and Cannonball in Fraser’s Bar, Millport, Cumbrae (3.5)


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