What music do they play in American pubs bars ? Admittedly, there may be more than one type of US bar, just as there’s at least six distinct UK licensed premise.

But I have no recollection of what tunes they played in America on recent trips to New York, New York or L.A.

In England, they mostly play mid ’80s or ’60s pop.

I couldn’t remember the last time I heard “One Better Day“, which now seems an overlooked classic.

Paignton is a bit of an overlooked classic too, but sadly on my rushed July trip I failed to add much to my post from six (6) years ago.

But at least I remembered the “g” in Paignton this time.

So excuse the dull photos, and enjoy the music, starting with the Conservative Club.

There’s more Cons Clubs than Arkells and Sam Smiths pubs combined in the Guide, which should tell you why you shouldn’t rely solely on the GBG. GBG tickers love clubs, particularly us despised CAMRA life Members who love getting our gold cards out of moth-eaten wallets in anticipation of a card check that never comes.

Paignton’s CC has bench seats rather than bingo tables, a mellow atmosphere and a cool Dartmoor Jail Ale (3) though Stella is the beer of choice.

and moves effortlessly from “Gimme Shelter” to “Living Doll“.

Hard to believe those two were released only 10 years apart.

Five minutes down the road, via about 27 small roads, the Torbay Inn is another addition to the growing number of unexpectedly basic boozers in the new Guide.

Some detractors would have you believe the GBG consists entirely of micros, brewery taps and “ale houses” only used by typical CAMRA members, but the Torbay again disproves that.

Pool, Hi-Vis, lager trade, bench seating round the walls, disappointing Tribute (2.5).

But time is a great healer, and so is Harold Melvin.

And within 10 minutes that Tribute had developed a rich character that had me amending my notes, which I shall be bequeathing to the nation (or Spoons museum) to a 3+.

That is the magic of music, or at least, time.

23 thoughts on “PAIGNTON PUB POP PICKS

  1. I think English pub music is much more predictable than American bar music. American bar music will vary widely based upon the type of bar and the staff working in the bar.

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    1. After 1,500 miles and 13 Orkney pubs in 3 days it’s been quite a return to earth, levelling the, er, earth in the garden and trying to make sense of the photos from July and August. There are some photos I really like coming up soon.


  2. The only time I went to a Cons Club (it was my Dad’s idea, honest!) you had to be a member to buy a drink, at least in theory. Is the inclusion of Cons Clubs in the guide some sort of CAMRA / CCHQ joint marketing campaign?

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    1. I presume it’s because William “I drank 14 pints of John Smiths a day, honest” Hague forged such strong links with CAMRA in the late ’90s. Or perhaps it’s just because CAMRA members like a cheap pint.


      1. In theory, no. All GBG entries must be open to anyone, and clubs should admit you with a CAMRA card or copy of the Guide.

        The vast majority of clubs aren’t bothered about seeing cards, but a few change their mind about letting visitors in, e.g. Penistone WMC moaned when BRAPA tried to get in.


  3. Can’t beat a good Devon pub, Paignton is a decent place, and a short hop from my resort of choice Teignmouth. It’s a bit more bucket and spade brigade, but there are some gems a little bit out of town.

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  4. I’ve just stumbled upon your webpage and enjoyed your write-up about the Paignton drinking houses. I joined CAMRA in the very early days, live in Paignton and have never been in the Conservative Club – but I have been in the Torbay Inn. There’s a lot more to say, but I’m happy to just thank you for posting your thoughts.

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    1. Many thanks. It was a flying visit as I’d been before and no doubt will again. The Cons Clubs are rarely political these days, they’re just good value drinking clubs in the main.

      I’ve had a quick look at your own blog, some stunning photos on there (St Michaels Mount, wow)
      I’ll take a fuller look soon.

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