“A gallon of Palmers, and a greasy Pad Thai, like a night out in Bridport, come fill me again”

You can see where Sheffield United (or was it John Denver) nicked the song from.

Actually, no-one much picks Brid for a Sunday night, even in August. There weren’t many takers for the view back along Chesil beach at 8pm either.

Better than the book

Β£39 for Sunday night in the Spoons, more than my usual budget and with not even a new GBG pub in town since last year’s first visit.

Not much happens quickly here, bar the new craft bar and apple cider vinegar outlet.

So many benefits

I didn’t hang around for a Β£1.49 Doom Bar in the Greyhound, just wandered aimlessly till I saw a pub cat.

Always a good sign

Well, it wasn’t quite a pub cat, a few doors windowsills down from the Woodman, but close enough to make me stop and go “What’s that ?”

Confused couple wonder why I’m standing there looking at WhatPub rather than going in

Close to Palmers Brewery, and the only pub I didn’t walk past last year, but now WhatPub was telling me this was the local Cider Pub of the Year.

It was closing in 20 minutes. I peered in.

No to plastic chairs

A bit plain, a bit micro, quirky indie, very beery. Richard would have loved it.


Nice chap too, pointed me straight to the Northern Monk.

Nice head there

It was still warm, so I took the pint outside so I could eavesdrop on the other couple let the beer breathe, and I quickly realised I’d uncovered a future gem. ALL ON MY OWN.

A cool, fruity NBSS 3.5+

Then the temperature dropped by about 5 degrees in 5 minutes so I popped indoors to read Giant Dongle and plan how I’d use that title, skilfully, in this blog.

Best CAMRA magazine title

You can never just have one, can you, particularly when you’ve worked up a thirst by walking 0.15 miles past the church to the Thai takeaway (the one that was closed last time).

Great stone

The Thai would make a great micro, you know. Probably even better than it is as a takeaway.


Sadly the Palmers flagship had already closed (why ?) but the micro/craft bar was wide awake, packed at 9pm on a Sunday.

Luckily I’d missed the tasting events. You know my record with tasting events.

Good of them to warn you

The Pursuit of Hoppiness is the place I forgot to use my CAMRA card and missed a 10p discount last year.

I wasn’t missing out this time, saving that vital 2 shillings on a tremendous cool, rich pint of Yeovil Stout (NBSS 4). Who’d have guessed anything good could come from Yeovil.


The chap who served me took a good look at the Gold card.

It’s Life Membership“, I said, worried I’d lose out again.

“When does it expire though?” he might have asked.

Wonderful place.


  1. Funnily enough I was going to look for Russ as we headed towards the Canadian border on our drive north through Oregon.
    My plan was to approach the waiting border guards as they enjoyed a restorative glass of maple syrup and engage them in conversation.
    ” Purpose of visit ? ”
    ” I’m looking for a chap who cunningly uses international time zones to his advantage to be the first to correct spelling, syntax, typos and double entendres on an obscure ( it’s a joke ! ) beer blog.
    Actually,after two days of fog and dropping temperatures Mrs PP-T made an executive decision using two words the latter of which was this and instructed me to head south instead.
    We ended up in San Francisco, a rabid city even worse than when I last visited 10 years ago.
    Rampant homelessness, drug abuse and nutters on every street corner meant we managed a single night’s stay before heading off.
    The headlines as we left were that city officials were thinking of tackling the problem by changing the descriptions they use for ex-prisoners to make them feel more inclusive.
    ” Formerly caught up in the justice system” was one suggestion.
    I kid you not.
    Instead we find ourselves in Napa, the revived old town at the heart of the wine region that bears its name.
    We’re in a lovely old house within staggering distance of great bars and restaurants.
    No vagrants or ex-persons who never dropped the soap in the shower.
    I’m keeping an eye out for Russ though.
    Can’t afford to let your guard down for a moment.


    1. LOL! πŸ™‚

      – Keeping an eye out for me in Oregon is a bit premature; you’d do better waiting till you’re driving thru Washington state πŸ˜‰

      – Sadly I can no longer use my time zone difference to yell “first”! I don’t normally get on now till you lot are getting up the next day (this, of course, does not include you as an early riser). πŸ™‚

      – As for not letting your guard down; good advice! And may I say a way to improve keeping your guard up would be nimbly avoiding all of the excrement on the various streets in Frisco. πŸ˜‰



    2. Well, I wouldn’t judge San Francisco by Hunter’s Point and Bayview any more than I would London by Barking, or Manchester by Moss Side, Prof. But then, I haven’t got a down on those two cities because of their good burghers’ voting preferences. Otherwise a nice post.


  2. “Actually, no-one much picks Brid for a Sunday night, even in August. ”

    Understandable. Who wants their dongle compared to the giant one in Brid? Talk about feeling let down. πŸ™‚

    “and apple cider vinegar outlet.”

    3.99? Blimey. I get mine for about 80p over here.
    (and yes, it’s actually not bad for heartburn, especially the kind one gets after lying down to go to sleep… honest!) πŸ™‚

    “from the Woodman”

    Here’s me snickering at a post that includes dongle in the title and then has the Woodman as the first pub.

    “this was the local Cider Pub of the Year.”

    With or without the apple and vinegar?

    “Richard would have loved it.”
    (raises glass)
    But to be complete you should have noted the condition of the bathrooms. πŸ˜‰

    “ALL ON MY OWN.”

    (pats Martin virtually on the head)

    “so I popped indoors to read Giant Dongle and plan how I’d use that title, skilfully, in this blog”

    I don’t think skilfully is the right word. πŸ™‚

    “You can never just have one”

    Unless you’re waiting for your car to be fixed. 😦

    “Good of them to warn you”

    I think April 22nd would have been bonza! Earth day for one, and you get to nibble on the women in brewing!

    “β€œWhen does it expire though?””

    You really should have said ‘when I do’. πŸ™‚


    PS – I’m aiming at at least one post per blog per day. So, if I miss any of your (many!) daily posts, hopefully you’ll understand.


      1. Roughly 80p over here, as mentioned above.

        Wes, do you use it for heartburn and acid indigestion? I am far from being a holistic medicine type but a bloke got me on to it about 7 years ago (he was my driver on a five hour drive to camp so I had to listen to him). Initially it didn’t make sense to me, having something acidic to combat heartburn. But it does seem to work. Best if you take it an hour before eating, or an hour before bed. I’m guessing it makes the stomach generate whatever it does to combat acid, which is ideally in place when you go to eat or lie down for bed.

        And that’s all I say about that! πŸ™‚


      1. Existentialism – a philosophy characterised by what has been called “the existential attitude”, or a sense of disorientation, confusion, or dread, in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world.


  3. Yes,Richard would have liked the revived Woodman.He certainly liked tbe Pursuit.Met him twice there whilst on his hols. You must have missed the pub dog.Excellent beer lately and lively bowling/music pub too.
    Best wishes to all.

    Liked by 1 person

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