This is a diary, of sorts, NOT a beer blog, as I’ve still no idea what beer is made out of.

But for the sake of completeness, and because it makes a nice photo, here’s two pubs selling some of the best beer in Devon.

20 years ago trips to this part of Devon around Exeter seemed to major on Young’s Ordinary and an award winning beer from an energetic brewery from Padstow. Forget the name, “Sand Bar” or something.

Nowadays it’s all lager, of course, and despite the St Austell advertising it’s Moretti that dominates the Ten Tors on the edge of Kingsteignton. I expect they’ll get that craft Spanish lager soon enough.

The pub is a Marston’s diner clone, nothing wrong with that, it’s heaving.

And the Proper Job is sensationally good. Cool, clean, crisp and foamy. Those are the only beer words I know so DON’T send me cans of Bass to review, even if they do come from Preston.

This is sacrilege, I know, but I reckon this could be my favourite cask beer, or at least up there with Bass, Plum Porter and Black Sheep. Stafford Paul has insisted I give Donnington another ago, and now I’ve retired properly I just might.

On the edge of Exeter, the Blue Ball only has one downside.

Another diner, it has an exemplar cask range, those truncheon styled pumps,

and an even better Proper Job that improved under the clouds but then lost half a mark for being within sight of the Exeter Eglitarians (I dunno) rugger XV ground.

Fancy allowing someone to build a rugby ground within sight of your lovely pub.

5 thoughts on “A PROPER JOB

  1. I too like Proper Job. Hopped but not aggressively so. It’s made like someone actually thinks you might want more than one in a sitting. Not your over the top too bitter IPA.

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    1. Proper Job is one of my “go to” beers for drinking at home – but don’t tell Martin, as he doesn’t approve of such activities.

      He won’t be reviewing those cans of Bass then, although to save them from going to waste, I will take them off his hands!

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