James is about to have a fifth (5th) go at his driving test. Five attempts is a respectable number if you ask me. When I took my 5th test all you had to do was change the Dire Straits CD for Chris Rea while going round corners.

I look forward to the time when my sons can drive me to the pub. 2 months ago I drove James and Mrs RM out for tea at the Blue Ball at Worrall, where Sheffield becomes Peak District.

It’s a lovely all-rounder. Unfussy pub food, cheery staff, big outdoor area to view the hills, stained glass.

Mrs RM wanted cool keg. James is never fussed.

Have you tried Madri? ” I asked. “It’s a premium Spanish artisanal lager that’s taken over from Peroni as the upmarket lout of choice“.


Well, actually it’s made in Tadcaster, home of another UK craft beer, of course.

It’s alright” they said, and I guess it was, but I could tell Mrs RM would have preferred one of those craft keg things.

Instead, I bought her a Boltmaker for comparison.

A win for cask.

Decent burgers, not for the slimmer, and Proper Chips.

The Blue Bell has a great library, with everything from Denise Welch to the underrated 2007 GBG on display.

Not much has changed in 15 years, bar the loss of “proper” Tetley.


    1. I met Denise Welch and Tim Healy on s Caribbean cruise, completing the cycle.

      Sadly Matty Healy of The 1975 was in Cheshire or I would have had real cred points. I remember Denise telling Mrs RM their son was also called Matthew.

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      1. And Tim Healy appeared in one of the classic TV pub scenes, knocking back glasses of Alt with Michael Elphick in the back room of Zum Uerige in Düsseldorf in the first series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

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  1. I almost didn’t recognise that copy of the Good Beer Guide. Of course, in 2007 you didn’t get a free highlighter with every copy like you do these days.

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