“Do you have anyone to go for an impromptu pint with ?”

Back in Sheffield after a triumphant conquering of Fife and the Lothians I looked forward to a few quiet days catching up on the blog and reading MumsNet.

This thread took my fancy…

Well, to save you reading MumsNet, the short answer is NO, Mums don’t go out for impromptu pints. They’d expect 3 weeks notice, with detailed maps, ETA, budgets and childminding arrangements and then expect to cancel at the last minute.

And who just goes out for a pint ?

Well, Chris, obviously. And Will, obviously.

Sadly, I’d just started cutting down the hedge, as this still from the security camera reveals.

But at the precise moment I notices Chris’s text, the electric hedge-cutter packed up.

Oh, go on out for a pint” said Mrs RM, “I’ll scrub up and join you“.

Why do women always feel the need to “scrub up“, anyway ?

Within half an hour we were down the hill in the Wellington, where the Neepsend beers were both sensational (NBSS 4) and close to £3.

Great to meet Chris D for the fist time since before Covid; I think we got on famously and avoided the controversial subjects that clutter MumsNet. Like VAR, Draught Bass availability in the Amber Valley and OAP bus passes.

That Will has neat handwriting, doesn’t he ? I never did make it to the Dead Poets.

I escorted Chris up the hill to Bar Stewards for a rare Cloudwater on cask (3.5). Mrs RM was on her 3rd pint of evil craft keg by now, as you’ll appreciate if you look at the photos on his blog.

Actually, reading his blog now I realise that he’d had a Proper Day Out, so I was probably wise to help him to his return train.

Which he missed (my fault) meaning we had to have a pint in the back room of the Tap.

The 6.7% Dripping Pitch was a good idea, a really bad idea.

As was the obligatory loo stop in The Crow for the Tiny Rebel Fudge Stout.

Glad I only went out for a quick pint or things would have got messy.

Hope Chris got back safely.

8 thoughts on ““Do you have anyone to go for an impromptu pint with ?”

  1. Could that skip be a clue to the recent, as yet unexplained disappearance of several GBG selection ctte chairs?

    My quick pint pal is usually the missus of course. My other quick pint buddies always insist on using the village local they live next door to, one of several uninspiringly bland village locals in the area I dislike, so swift pints are much rarer these days. Other than that it’s mumsnet style planning or solo drinking. The chances of anyone I know actually being available for an ad-hoc pint is getting slimmer, the whole damn lot of us are forward planned up to the eyeballs, even the retired ones…

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    1. The sight of you and your missus in the pub always lifts my heart, and Mrs RM is the person I would most like to have a pint with (It was a joke about Angela Merkel, honest).

      I never say know when someone asks if I’m around for a quick pint, especially if there’s garden work to be done.

      There WERE undoubtedly live creatures in the skip, which probably discounts your ctte chairs (those meetings are chaired ? Wow).


  2. Cloudwater isn’t rare around here. There’s usually a couple of their own about plus a collaboration beer with Vocation or North Riding etc. Great breweries in their own right, but when they brew with Cloudwater it just tastes like Cloudwater i.e. murky and slightly sickly. A massively overrated brewery in my opinion.

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    1. It’s quite possible that I have only ever drunk one or two Cloudwater beers, but being totally unimpressed once (or possibly twice) is enough for me. “Massively overrated… murky and sickly” seems about right.


      1. That might be one or two more than me.
        But unknown beers detract from a Proper Day Out.


  3. I was afraid I might have been rude, ducking out after the Wellington. But reading the rest of your “quick pint” I think I made the correct decision. (It could still have been rude, but I’m happy with correct.)


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