BRAPA ruminated, as only he can, on some less than great beer so far this summer.

The beer in the east of Scotland was pretty good (NBSS 3 stuff), if never spectacular, but I loved the pubs in Fife and Perthshire, where I headed for a night after concluding “the Kingdom” in St Andrews.

On the shores of Loch Leven, I though Milnathort (pop. 1,950) might be a bit more upmarket, but thankfully not,

despite a new housing developments named after curlers, the polo players of the north.

Wiki tells us “Milnathort’s amenities are typical of a small Scottish town with a nine-hole golf course, a park, countryside bike path, primary school, a range of pubs, cafés and a shop selling ice cream“.

Not sure about the range of pubs, but the Village seemed to be the simple village drinking house on a Saturday night.

The GBG regular, too.

One of the more interesting beer ranges on my trip, with Landlord in hiding and a blackboard listing “Next Ales”.

Let’s be honest, it’s only us tickers who drink the ales, “Next” or otherwise. The bloke with head in hands on the red velvet below isn’t actually doubting my sanity in picking the Corncrake,

that was fine, tasty if a tad thin (NBSS 3). No, he was about to engage in a discussion about the meaning behind “Wonderwall”, the most overrated song in music history.

Mainly couples, but lots of Proper velvet seating for lone blokes,

and if all the beer in the 43 pubs I still have to visit in Scotland looks as good as this I’ll be happy.

But I doubt it.


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