A big day for the pubs today, as En-ger-land kick off their 2020 Euros against someone, somewhere, sometime (which sounds like a Simple Minds track from when they were quite good).

I shan’t be watching, and nor will Mrs RM, who I asked to name ONE (1) member of the England team.

“Er, Gavin Southgate ?”. She really did.

My father-in-law may well watch. A week ago we took him to Walkley’s best Italian, Vito’s, the first “proper” restaurant I’d been to since EOTHO.

Ah, octopus. Reminds me “we’re” playing Croatia today.

The next day we arranged to meet up and show them round the University Quarter* where James had spent 3 years avoiding pubs like the Wellington.

Yes, it’s ALL THE PUBS IN SHEFFIELD ON FOOT No. 21 – The Wellington, Netherthorpe/Kelham Island

Actually, he spent his second year at Sheffield mere yards from the Welly without a visit. Kids these days. Mind you, I’d failed to visit in 20 years, never mind since it belatedly re-opened a month ago.

It’s the tap for Neepsend, whose lovely off-licence is next door, so you get those big round pump clips that you can read while not pausing at the bar to read them.

A symphony in brown” is what I call pubs like the Welly. If Pub Curmudgeon did a “Guide to Pubs to Read Books in” this would be in the Top 37, just above the Free Press.

It was very quiet. Perhaps a bit too quiet. Blokes sitting quietly sipping cool, rich £3 pints of Blonde and Lapwai (NBSS 3.5). The only noise was Mrs RM munching on her Pipers (down, Russ) and a whispered conversation about staying fpr a second pint, to which she acquiesced.

The lovely barman even brought, unasked, a half pint glass so Mrs RM could have some of my pint. I REALLY liked that.

Gorgeous little garden out the back, too. Stafford Paul can determine whether that’s an original Joules’ sign.

Gorgeous, and probably high on my list of places to meet up with Sheffield Hatter to plan our trips to Brightside John Smiths Smooth outlets over the coming months.

Anyway, no putting off the next foray into in-law land. Let’s head to the Diamond.

*Actually, 97% of Sheffield is the University Quarter, I think.


  1. Pretty interesting gesture on the publicans part. Did he see Mrs RM tipping out of your pint? Curious what led him to think of bringing the second glass.

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    1. Mrs RM had here own pint (the Blonde), which was so good I felt I had to have a second pint. She said she didn’t want another, so perhaps the lovely barman could see she’d nick mine anyway and was just very thoughtful.

      It’s the sort of thing BRAPA would pick up, and it’s his comparisons between pubs that make his blog so great.


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