I was glad the Exchange opened on time, as I wanted to get to my next Guide tick on the edge of Bradford for its 2pm opening.

Excitingly, the New Line is marked as New Line Motors on Google Maps (with a Prosecco glass symbol), which guarantees a disaster when BRAPA tips up after 5 pints.

I kid you not; this is the busy A657 heading out to Leeds, with “new” New Line in the background.

They like their flashy motors in Bradford.

I walked past the New Line just before Lockdown (1 of 4) when being Duncan’s taxi for West Yorkshire and non-one told me it was a certain pre-emptive.

I had to wait for the Idle Draper to open then, and once again you get the joy of me wittering on about how all the Proper Pubs in Greengates like the Albion are closed when I fancy a Tetley.

Half an hour to walk the hill to Idle and marvel at the wit of the Idle Working Mens Club, after which the village is presumably named.

If it ever opens I’ll go back in it again, I really will.

I had to rush back down the hill in New Line, which is a real place name as well as a motor firm dispensing gin, where the nice lady was just putting the “WE ARE OPEN” sign out at 13:59.

I don’t want to seem keen” I said, “but are you open ?”.

A micro pub being open is STILL a thing of wonder in 2021.

The New Line isn’t necessarily a thing of wonder, but it is clean and pleasant and welcoming and has tables where your feet will touch the floor.

This is the tiny upstairs.

The downstairs is scarcely bigger. I reckon you could fit more in the Nutshell but I’m not starting that argument again.

Bradford has reached 1988 in music, so you get Aerosmith, All About Eve (the one that broke on Top of the Pops) and Janet Jackson’s “Let’s Wait Awhile“, which will be playing when the Prime Minister updates us on the road map on Monday.

I could have done with someone to natter to if I’m honest, but that’s my fault for tipping up at opening. I thought it was the law that micros HAD to have an Old Boy seated in the bar before it opened.

Anyway, I’ll let you guess the NBSS for this one;


    1. I’ve spent HOURS pouring over those numbers wondering what they are, Dave. The time in Minneapolis ? Waist size ? Just realised it’s you guessing my NBSS score. NBSS 3 it was. You win your 7th pint of Doom Bar, to be consumed within half an hour in a Hungry Horse of my choice.


      1. It looked like it was edging up a bit above a 3 hence the .35. You as disappointed as I am that there was no sigh of an ESB at Kings Cross yesterday from Simon? Life is not the same…

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      2. I wasn’t so sure – it looked a tad hazy and those lacings had a curious character, maybe.

        It goes to show you never can tell.

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      3. I find Landlord one of the most disappointing of the nationally distributed beers that “received wisdom” says are universally good (like Citra, Harvey’s and, er, that’s it). It’s often very dull. This one was fine, despite the lack of lacings you noted.


      4. It’s probably more to do with pubs having too many beers on than that it doesn’t travel well beyond Huddersfield where it can even survive Autovacs in some of t’pubs.


    1. Which other Bill are you, (the other) Bill.

      I found that article on the charts fascinating as someone who could tell you where obscure UK hits reached in the 80s but have no idea what’s number 1 today (is it still “Shape of You” ?).

      My reference to “broke on Top of the Pops” relates to this;


  1. Charlotte used to get our car MOT done at New Line. I didn’t think much of the pub and was amazed it appeared in the GBG, but what do I know?

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    1. Love that local insight, Leon ! They should dispense beer through petrol pumps or summat.

      The beer was GBG standard, give or take, and I guess CAMRA branches do love new and resurrected pubs like the New Line. Unfortunately the “Proper Pubs” of north Bradford (Greengates, Idle, Thackley) have been lost to smoking bans, early week closing, 4pm opening, and Gin.

      The New Line isn’t my sort of pub (compare with Ponte) but it is immaculate and friendly and I guess it’s nice to know there’s a variety of places to get a drink. The micro just round the corner at the war memorial is quite a contrast !

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      1. I’m sure you are right! It just didn’t have that extra touch some of the other micros have, felt a bit bare, but that was a while ago, maybe it does now

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