22nd January 2020

I’ve found a rare photo of fellow blogger Pubmeister (middle) reviewing post titles with some of his Blog Support Team.

The chap on the left is excited with “No Sour Beer In Sowerby Bridge” but Duncan secretly knows it’s rubbish. Everyone knows it’s pronounced “Sorby”.

Three nights in West Yorkshire, ten GBG pubs to complete the county, and a trip to Manchester Beer Festival to drink falling over juice exquisitely flavoured murk.

A first night in the Ibis, which is in Shipley but wants you to think it’s in Saltaire.

Always a surprise to realise that Bradford and Leeds are almost the same size

From Shipley to Apperley Bridge on a rare Northern train that actually ran, and then a stiff walk down to Greengates.

Terraces compete with new housing along Harrogate Road providing the traffic chaos that makes the A657 such a joy at rush hour.


Very posh Bradford.

Proper non-GBG pub

The Cracker Barrel is a particularly attractive little micro. Matthew Lawrenson will name that font in 3, 2, 1…

Previously a chees & biscuit cafe

Just another one room micro with tables round the walls and four local beers at £3 a pint (don’t knock it), right ?

Except there’s Tets.


And there’s A-ha playing (“Take On Me”, Mark), and there’s young professionals and ladies drinking pints and couples watering down wine with water (Harrogate spring water, probs). By micro standards, it’s busy at 10 to 4.

And no-one is talking about beer.

Neepsend Stout another 4

Top quality beer, a second 4 in a row, so what’s not to like about the micro mania ?

Well, nothing.

But what’s happened to those trad pubs along the A657; the Thornhill in Calverley, the Commercial in Thackley, and this beauty in Greengates.

What’s happened to the Albion ?


Oh, it’s a Gin Joint.

5 thoughts on “A FAREWELL TO ALBION

  1. As micros go, that is an exceptionally lovely entrance. The traditionalist in me would be tempted by the Tetleys, but I can’t remember whether that’s one of the beers that these days tastes nothing like it used to. (Or does that indeed apply to all beers!)

    By the time A-Ha came along I wasn’t paying such close attention to the music scene, so I am sadly among those who couldn’t name any song of theirs other than Take On Me. It has proved more enduring than I might have guessed, given its thoroughly 80s synthpop sound.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oddly, “The Sun Always Shines on TV” was a Number 1 here, “Take On Me” was a Number 2, contrary to what you’d expect.

      Jury’s out on Tetley, though Simon reports some good pints and I trust his judgement.

      Liked by 1 person

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