22nd January 2020


A bumper Shipley-cum-Saltaire special, aided by an Ibis giving me access to two new GBG ticks, a classic oldie, and a curry.

Oh, and tall buildings.

Micro on top.
Clock on top


Shipley town centre took a post-war hammering, but the Spoons is majestic.

Contrast with the Dragon

Continuing the theme of the last post, where have all the trad pubs in the GBG gone. We have a Spoons,a micro, and a craft beer bar called Hullabaloo.


Actually, “Hullbaloo” is in good company for wacky names with “Don’t Tell Titus“, “Noble Comb“, “Al’s Star Bar” and of course “Fanny’s Ale & Cider House“.

I ignored the cask…
….as Lervig called
Oooh chunky glass

Yes, I had the evil Norwgian keg, but after a consultation on ticking rules with Pubmeister I did succumb to the cask Buxton, which decent enough.

Quite a spacious little bar, with the only other customers hiding about 3 miles away at the back.

The highlight was the apparent Landlord humming to “Sir Duke“; humming to Lee Scratch Perry was more of a challenge.

And the loo art.


Unfortunately someone had to start vigorously nodding their head to the Kings of Leon, didn’t they. always a signal to drink up.

On the way to the Saltaire tick I passed one of the Proper Pubs Shipley used to take pride in, which is all the clue you need to guess which one.

Proper Pub windows

As I approached the Salt CellarI had that felling of deja-vu all over again.

Not a micro then

Oh, it’s our old friend the Victoria with a trendy name and a few more beers. Phew.

Pashmina and bobble hat not obscuring the pumps
Tasteful enough

Very Bradford, with a moderately middle-aged pub crowd, live entertainment, decent cheap Saltaire and a soundtrack that veered wildly from 1985 to 1986;

Higher Love, Walk of Life, Invisible Touch and We Belong.

As you’ll know, Dire Straits is the sign of a Proper Pub, as Duncan and Simon will confirm.

Decent lacings

The professional work done, it was time for a bonus. Chinese takeaway and cider at Fanny’s. There’s a song there, somewhere.

Crispy beef and rice NCTSS 3

They’d even built the New Rainbow Chinese next to Fanny’s, which was considerate.

And a police sign on top

It’s been out of the Guide since the days when it was a major ale house to rival the Fighting Cocks, so what do you get in 2020.


Well, a sensational mullti-roomer with one of the best pints of Landlord in a while; rich and with bite (NBSS 3.5). The Landlord test passed.

Rare absence of Bass mirror
Dog waiting to trip me up
A scorcher

A dozen or so drinkers of all ages spread out sinking foaming pints of White Rat in their Wilco T-shirts.

I went exploring, beyond the gaslit lounge. How did I not know there was an upstairs ?


The sort of post-punk jukebox that Mark Crilley can only dream of. I pretended to play “Life Begins At The Hop” for him,though sadly I was out of 50ps.

1979 and all that

Somehow I resisted the Owd Roger.


Did I ****. Grab the chances when they come. Rich, complex, glorious. Just like Fanny’s.

31 thoughts on “FANNY’S BY GASLIGHT

  1. “a soundtrack that veered wildly from 1985 to 1986” –It’s lines like this that make this blog so great; Bill Bryson would read this and say to himself “Wish I’d thought of that.”

    I’m telling you, I’d bet money 4 out of those 5 XTC songs have never been on an American jukebox ever, and even ‘Life Begins at the Hop’ is a long shot!


    1. Most of this stuff is inspired by Bill. But nicked off BRAPA.

      Honestly, I take more notice of the music and the chat than the beer. The music selection tells you 83% of what you need to know about a pub.

      I guess now that all music comes from a little Internet box in the cloud, rather than a silver disc, you can theoretically enjoy any obscure B side on any jukebox!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Your title reminds me of a marvellous Bradford pub, one that opens early for us Pub Men, of which I am told ” Back in the 80s …… the atmosphere was fun (in a sort of laddish way, but it was the 80s) and the beer always good. Sunday lunchtimes was when they used to have strippers in the backroom. There was no modesty about it, there were posters in the pub advertising “Every Sunday lunchtime – Fanny by Gaslight”. I thought it was kinda funny at the time. I believe the gas mantles are still there (not the ladies though) and the pub is still on the NI “.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s within your £30 budget and I spent the night there between the Leeds and Bradford Proper Days Out in May 2018 which you might have missed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Would that be mutton undressed as lamb? I think the only pub in which I’ve witnessed a stripper was in Bradford.


      3. Yes indeed, the New Beehive which rivals Humphrey’s White Horse as the Jewel in Yorkshire’s Crown.


  3. Stevie Winwood really is quintessential 80s 😀

    You now get told off for referring to “Proper Pubs” on Discord, of course 😦


    1. Yes, you get “there you go again implying that some pubs are not ‘proper pubs’” from one who describes Draught Bass as “brown glop”.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Ah, Barnsley Bitter.

    I remember an acquaintance from Barnsley, in the 1970s, after the original had disappeared, saying “I don’t know what all t’ cry were about. It were right weak stuff”.

    Happy days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There was a huge amount of hype associated with the original Barnsley Bitter. Described as, “the brew that felled the strongest,” it was nothing of the sort. No figures for OG or ABV back then though, which meant the myth could perpetrate.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Enjoyed reading this -I do miss Yorkshire pubs -not likely to visit any for a long time -our next jaunt in uk is Northumberland & Newcastle & Lincoln (a little roadtrip ) I’m sure we will find enough to keep us happy though ! Oh I forgot -a week in posh Cornwall next week -sorting out my best pashmina for the occasion

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Fowey -definitely at the posh part of Cornwall . We have been before so know the score but prepared to push the boat out for Ruby wedding !

        Liked by 1 person

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