You’ll remember my failed attempt to finish Bradford’s lovely collection of GBG pubs last month, that ended in a rather basic but proper small pub.

The other GBG newbie is a mile away, and a rather neater affair, inside and out. That mile west from Shipley  is one of the greatest in England. Amongst other gems, it’s got Titus, curry and Fanny’s (that’s not a Hull City song, by the way).  Can’t say better than that.

Bass mirror ahoy !

I’m a sucker for cobbled streets, if not dimpled jugs, and there’s some classics between the A657 and Salt’s Mill, on a par with the western suburbs of Halifax.

Before the Cap & Collar opened I had time for a nosey round Salt’s Mill.  I’ve no idea how many folks visit this place, I suspect 1% of the numbers that would do if it was moved to London.  Beyond the Hockney, the architecture is wonderful.


For me, Roberts Park and the walk up to Shipley Glen is even better, even when the little funicular isn’t running.

Image result for shipley glen

Parts of Saltaire look more Bethnal Green than Bradford these days. Or at least more like Ilkley.  My notes say “Talulah” and “Bearded Coffee” which I presume are shops, rather than songs I heard in the Cap & Collar.

The Cap gets a bonus point for having its opening times as a pinned Tweet, therefore robbing me of my standard whinge.

Despite the cheery owner outing me as a secret I-phone snapper, this is a little gem, providing that mix of inclusiveness and privacy that some micros lack.  Big enough to have a small area with toys for children, and will little touches like beer boxes for foot rests, this was another place to take your mum or your Talulahs, which I liked a lot.


Beer range (top) of the year so far, too; two local breweries and reliable pints from Manc and Brighton.  The Saltaire Stout was superb (NBSS 4).

I gave Aagrah a miss, hoping for Indian snacks later in Leeds, a very bad decision.


  1. Good write up. It’s my only requirement in West Yorkshire too. Will try to combine with Campion FC or Saltaire FC (whose sports club bar is advertised in Tyke Taverner) as well as the mandatory curry of course.


  2. I did a large crawl round Shipley and Saltaire and i went in Talulah’s,i thought it was a decent bar with some interesting kegs beers i had a half of Theakston Barrista Stout,not really too my taste but it looked good,the bar also had a good vibe with a TV on and background music,also lots of drinkers on both Theakstons beers.


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