This weekend in Halifax for a family wedding has been a revelation, and not just because I managed to get a group of elderly relatives to skip the Premier Inn breakfast in favour of Wetherspoons (saving £34.73).  They weren’t as impressed with the lads off to the St Leger on their second pint of cider by There’s a post on the magnificent centre to follow.

As the black sheep of the family, I did my usual “take a walk during the wedding” routine, sprinting from the church up Scarr Wood to Savile Park (odd spelling that) and the Big 6.


It’s hard to convey the charms of Halifax’s Beer Guide perennial (will it make GBG 17 – we’ll know on Thursday). Tucked away in cobbled back streets in the western quarter, it made a strong impression a dozen years ago before an FA Cup defeat at The Shay.

Proper seating

That impression was as much about the quality of the Greene King IPA as the multi-roomed pubiness, which reminded me a lot of Clitheroe’s New Inn or Durham’s Colpitts.  This was just before IPA’s win at the GBBF, before it became illegal to express a liking for it.

John Watson on Twitter reminded me they used to serve “Ploughmans lunch in a bag“, which met my needs in 2003 but possibly would fall foul of Pub Curmudgeon’s strict criteria (and other laws) these days.

This time I settled for a packet of Snyders pretzels with a pint of Salopian Treasure Trove(NBSS 3.5), a nutritious lunch choice.  First I had to explore this staggeringly beautiful pub though.


Most of the drinkers were congregated in one of the side rooms, discussing the impending clash with Stalyvegas Celtic.  It says something about the pub that this feels like a pre-football pub, even though it’s a mile from the ground.  In truth though, anyone can find their own little bit of the Big 6 to enjoy, even the wedding escapee.

The Landlord was very chatty about the renaissance of Halifax and its cracking pubs.  I told him you can’t go wrong with Salopian (he had a strong one on as well), and I may get over the withdrawal of IPA.

QUIZ TIME – Why does “Big 6” remind me of music I shouldn’t recall from the ’80s ?

12 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – BIG 6, HALIFAX

  1. Brilliant memories of Big Six. Feb 2002 when me, Dad and John Watson enjoyed it’s charms with the ploughmans in a bag (though Dad still nipped out to get sandwiches so can’t have fully satisfied us!)

    We’d discovered the joys of Judge Dread the year before, though I believe Big Six was a 1930’s Halifax mineral water company too (or something).

    Can’t wait for a re-visit one day.


    1. The Big 6 is the number of Halifax entries in the Good Beer Guide (allegedly).

      It was certainly a pub I always meant to revisit since 2003 in my case, but as you’ll know Simon there isn’t always space for old classics in an itinerary of new ticks.


  2. Martin, I applaud your attitude and methodology to pre-divorce ceremonies and I shall cite you as an example if I dare to attempt to get away with similar when my sister has her big day. Just don’t tell her I called it that.

    I also applaud your parent’s response to St. Leger people. They significantly reduced my already handicapped by my lack of ability chances with a female. In fact I blame the female and her elder family for encouraging me and preventing me spending the journey home from Sheffield with my eyes closed.

    I’ve never had a Lenny Henry breakfast, nor indeed visited one of his overly expensive establishments, but I suspect I would applaud the ‘Spoons breakfast move, even if standard can be variable. The £34.73 is, almost implausibly, enough to get you into Turf Moor and probably buy a pie. You could probably buy the whole pie stand at the Shay mind.

    Halifax is almost certainly the greatest pub town on the planet.

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  3. I went in the Big 6 last year in August while doing a pub crawl around Sowerby Bridge,i walked uphill to it doing a couple of pubs along the way and then got lost,when i asked a local where the pub was i was only a short distance from it.
    I really liked the pub and would take it over the Colpitts in Durham which i did in March this year,i also walked to Kings Cross and did all pubs along the road and just off it,i love pub crawling down roads like that.

    Ive only been to the Shay once with the wife when Nottingham Forest drew them in the FA cup we beat them 4-0 and the end we had was a cinder bank,plus a small side stand,it was a great day out as we got into Halifax for opening time and had a good crawl round the town,it is a shame the Shay pub has now closed down as it was for home fans only on that day.

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      1. I only recognised you when you mentioned Forest Alan ! Considering they beat Manchester City there in the Cup (disgraceful pitch) that was a good result.

        I agree with you on the pubs in the area, and that Big 6 has the edge on Colpitts.


      2. Apologies Alan. When I say Ancoats I mean the new real ale places and craft bars on the walk from Piccadilly station to the Etihad. Ancoats has changed beyond recognition in 20 years, losing a lot of classic buildings and pubs.


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