I’ve been at my niece’s Tricia’s wedding to Jon in Constantine, Cornwall. An informal affair in a greenhouse with beer pong laid on.


Mrs RM will tell you I don’t do weddings; our own was cheap and minimalist (until we got to Southsea). It seems Tricia also realises that, love apart, beer and falafel are all you need. Particularly beer.

Potager Farm is an unusual venue for a wedding reception, but ideal to fit in 3 firkins of Rebel Brewery beers sourced from the happy couple’s Penryn hometown. They know their beer.

Three firkins gave a good choice, though the 7.2% Mexi-Cocoa perhaps wasn’t an ideal choice to kick off a ten hour party. Pale and Sail were close to exhaustion by early evening, which is the sort of turnover most local pubs can only dream of. Quite a bit of spillage but there’s no Mr Humphrey to complain.


I’ve talked about Falmouth as a craft beer hotbed before, and the local twenty-somethings were sticking to the Rebel, leaving bottles of Prosecco and WKD looking forlorn.  No craft keg, though that was a matter of simplicity rather than principle.20160503_151116.jpg

I have very itchy feet, so during the speeches and photos I walked the steep road to one of Cornwall’s most famous pubs.

The Trengilly Wartha is also extremely isolated, and located in some of the narrowest lanes you wouldn’t want to drive at night.  Walking here allows you take in some superb views across to Polpenwith Creek.

This is a proper pub rather than a museum piece, though the gardens falling down to the lake are picture postcard. Service is very friendly and unfussy, as accommodating to the half-pint drinker (Potion No.9, NBSS 3) as the foodie.

You’ll be pleased to know I made it back to the wedding in time for tea, a steak pasty of gargantuan proportions.  I’m helping clear tomorrow so it may also be breakfast.

Good luck to Jon and Tricia.


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