23rd January 2020

Only a week behind with the blog after yesterday’s 3-in-1 special, and I haven’t had a pub visit since Saturday. So catching up is possible. But unlikely.

Thursday was my day to drive Duncan round the new delights of West Yorkshire. I’m sure there is/was a pub called the New Delight. Pubmeister will know.


Having travelled from the wastelands of Paisley and Fenland Cambridgeshire, it was appropriate we started in the heart of Bronte Country, bewixt Haworth and Keighley.

Transport hasn’t changed much since Wuthering Heights was penned down the road in Keighley’s Wetherspoons.

Brick worth more than car

Someone, possibly connected with the travellers’ site in the next village, has left a similar car filled with household rubbish in the little lane used by our estate to get to the Indian Restaurant on the A10. There is cheese on the dashboard. I expect great things from that car.
Oakworth Social Club boasts 1,000 members, conceivably more than the population of a village virtually contiguous with the better known Bogthorn and Pickles Hill.

It’s an attractive building, with the usual hard-to-find entrance.

Built in the days when Liberals were liberal

Pub tickers have an uneasy relationship with clubs. Will the door open ? Do I need to show a card or get signed in ? Will someone say “We TOLD the CAMRAs we don’t want to be in the Guide” ?

Secret entrance

With no checks (phew, Duncan is using a Scottish CAMRA card which attracts suspicion) and a friendly reception, this was straightforward and uneventful, till I got to the bar.

A rare beer for the area

Goose Eye from down the lane, Golden best from down the road.

This is just about the nearest Tim Taylor outlet in the Guide this year, with nowt in Keighley itself.

House brand Energy Charge DIPA untried

£3.30 please” Not bad for two halves.

“You’ve given me too much. It’s £2.30”

TWO POUNDS THIRTY ! For a quality controlled Tim Taylors beer !

So what’s a pint worth in the Worth Valley ?

And how come Spoons get singled out for offering good value beer, eh ?



      1. It has a short boundary with it at the upper end of Longdendale 😺

        “When Liberals used to be liberal” 👍


      1. is “anti Spoons front” the new term for alleged the “Wetherspoon haters” who do no more than describe Tim’s venues as they find them ?

        Liked by 1 person

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