22nd/23rd January 2020


Oooh ! A composite post. Is that allowed ?

Well, I made two trips to Pudsey, capital of western Leeds, on successive days and one of those was just as Duncan’s Taxi so it’d be daft not to combine them.

Even Mark Crilley can’t be expected to read too many of my posts.


Contours !

Most of Pudsey seems obsessed with getting out of Pudsey. You have to walk a mile into Farsley (not recommended) for New Pudsey station, there’s a space age bus station to encourage you to visit the honeypots of Wortley and Troydale,

and you have the delights of Spain on your doorstep for less than the price of a round in Mikkeller.


Just as Charlene sang in 1982, I’ve been to paradise, but I’ve never been to the real Pudsey. Well, apart from the venerable Fleece, which is really Fartown, and a half hour walk from the station to boot.

The town centre struggles to convince me that Pudsey is larger than Newmarket, but I’ll take Tetley and pasties over Greene King and sausages.

Love that orange
Is there anything in Yorkshire not “award winning” ?

OK, I’ll take Pudsey pasties and sausages.

It’s all a bit too busy and traffic scarred to be as attractive as Morley or Elland, but on a clear day the stonework shines.

Wool town
Hilly bit

The GBG newbie, a first for decades, stares across the road at a Spoons that has yet to grace the Guide.

Blokes outside a pub – good sign

I loved the Manor, an eclectic but winning combination between blokes boozer and classy sports bar with all the best bits of micropub thrown in.

Better sign
Saltaire Citra NBSS 3.5+/4

As BRAPA found, really great music here from The Four Seasons, Max Raptor and The Slackers (?).


And top beer quality at a bargain price. Lacings never lie.


The adverts in the Gents reveal the main occupation in town is Lara Croft.

Sexist.Men can do that job just as well.

And the Guvnor, stood outside, said “Thanks pal” as I left. That’s increasing rare.

A day later I was back with the other guvnor, and left Duncan to his own tick while I downed two flat whites and a basket of chicken bites over the road.

That’s actually impressive
Typical Spoons clutter

Duncan downed an unimpressive half here, before eyeing up the Wimpyspoons No Frills Bar presumably evading Tim Martin’s lawyers and the attention of WhatPub down an interesting cobbled alley.

NOT the Big 6

I only had eyes for the mysterious “Chicken Shop”.


12 thoughts on “PUDSEY BARED

  1. We lived near Pudsey for a couple of years & I was hoping to recognise somewhere -sadly not -I think when we left for leafy North Leeds,we never returned – I think it may have improved a little (maybe )

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  2. Bared…Baird…I can immediately satisfy your curiosity, as to the fact that in 1923, John Logie Baird moved to Hastings, and later rented a workshop in its Queen’s Arcade. It was there that he built what was to become the world’s first working television set, using items including an old hatbox, a pair of scissors, some darning needles, a few bicycle light lenses, and a used tea chest, along with some sealing wax and glue that he had purchased.

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