18th January 2020

The last pub of the night, the last of the Great Western Adventure, a first ever venture to the Dragon.


Having got the new GBG tick out of the way, the Super Mare was our oyster. Music in the Brit Bar, Otter in the Criterion, karaoke in Off The Rails. Even the Cabot Court has its merits.

We chose the UK’s worst Wetherspoons.

I get the picture

YOU chose it” says Sis, seen rushing off in shadow.


What an exciting place Weston is at 8pm on a Saturday, even though we were a month early for Noddy and Fireman Sam.

I’ve seen Noddy. The real one.

There’s loads to see;

Not a Banksy
Note pictures to tell you what the shops sell
MT but nothing to do with me

In fairness, Spoons do a good sirloin and quinoa, which they call “Skinny” unless like me you add scampi to it. It didn’t look like many folk used the Dragon for their tea.

Our carefully selected vantage point

I counted two other tables (out of 54), both with pizzas. Could this be the ultimate wet-led Spoons ?

Hi-Vis jacket a good sign

I thought we’d only need popcorn to enjoy the “action”, which amounted to no more than some over-the-top shrugging.

In a way, we were the action.

Oooh local beers

We ordered a sirloin steak and jacket potato, and pasta alfredo, with two pints of the Quantocks (I know that meant I couldn’t use the 50p vouchers).

A chap came out to give us bad news. “Ah, I’m sorry Table 32, the pasta is off. Can you order something else“. Sis is quite decisive, and hurriedly pointed at the skinny steak.

Five minutes later, the Spoons chap returned. “Ah, I’m sorry Table 32, there’s now an underpayment of two pounds and forty-six pence“. Cue outstretched palm. Technically he’s correct, but you might have expected the party that had sold you something to take the hit, and who carries £2.46 in change. My Sis did.

Two minutes later, the Spoons lady brought 3/4 pint of Quantocks over, mostly foam. “I’m sorry Table 32, this is all I could squeeze out“. Is that OK or would you like something else ? No, not OK. We had the Pale Rider.

Another five minutes and the chap brings my steak. With chips.

“I’m sorry. I asked for jacket potato.I’d have shut up it hadn’t been for the £2.46.

“Would you like me to take the meal back and recook it with jacket potato ?”

“No, I just want a jacket potato please”

“I’ll have a word with manager”

etc etc

I got my jacket, and ate the chips as well. I may go to hell, which looks a bit like the dragon.

Waste not a morsel

For the records, both the Kelham Island (NBSS 3.5) and the food (“Ooh, the quinoa has a real piquant kick“) were great. Get it back in the GBG and give Si the time of his life.

In the morning we admired the lump of rock in the Bristol Channel, scoffed some porridge in the other Spoons, and got on our way.


Darn. We’d forgot the Bass in the Regency.


6 thoughts on “ENTER THE DRAGON

  1. Yes, I’ve been in here and would agree with your verdict. I remember seeing a grossly overweight, really ill-looking bloke in sweatpants and stained T-shirt staring at his drink but apparently really struggling with it 😦

    I see from WhatPub that the Regency also offers the BBB delights of Courage Best and Butcombe 😀


    1. It reminds me of the rectangular boxes that make up much of Spoons estate in North West London (Stanmore, Cricklewood), though some of those are sold. The Spoons chap said it was packed with diners at 6pm and presumably frantic a few hours later.

      The Regency would appeal to the Forum membership, though the Bass had been average on my visit so I probably didn’t miss out. Also Bass in the Bear last time, but I’d still head up to Portishead for that !

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