The problem with arriving back in town at 10.40pm is that you immediately look at options for an inadvisable last beer.  The station bar, Off the Rails, had an Old Boy singing trad Irish songs, there’s a Bass pub in the Beer Guide, and some other “interesting options“.

Probably Otter. And a cat.

But, on the basis it had WiFi and wouldn’t kick me out till Midnight, I ended up at the Cabot Court.  Other Weston Spoons are available, but they’re scary.

Admire below the pour, and admire the Tucher while Tim stocks it, my favourite wheat beer.

Some great free entertainment too from the town’s youth…

In the morning I woke, bright as a lark, to this glorious view of the putting green.

£30 a view

After the Spoons Mushroom Benedict (the highlight of 2018) I admired the art installations of north Weston.

This is one called “Sunday Night“.

Fosters fan

And the Watneys sign isn’t far behind.

Too high up to nick

But, mainly for Mark, here’s the street art round the north pier.



And, of course, the spurious Beatles connection.


“No pleasure is worth giving up for the sake of two more years in a geriatric home at Weston-super-Mare”

Kingley Amis was right in principle, but for those of us not stuck in a care home yet,  Weston is a shabby gem.

18 thoughts on “WESTON WRAP-UP

  1. “and some other “interesting options“.”

    I can tell by the light you took that one earlier in the day (or the day after). 🙂

    “In the morning I woke, bright as a lark,”

    I didn’t know larks were known to be intelligent. 😉

    “Fosters fan”

    I’m guessing from that you don’t have mandatory deposit on your beer cans purchased to take home.

    “And, of course, the spurious Beatles connection.”

    Obviously a shrine. They haven’t touched it since 1963 it seems.

    “No pleasure is worth giving up for the sake of two more years in a geriatric home at Weston-super-Mare”

    I like the sentiment. Better to live a shorter life full of joy than a longer one full of boredom and misery.

    Cheers! 🙂

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    1. Good spot Sherlock, I took the Criterion in the morning so Mudgie could see that cat. It was open on the Sunday (with Butcombe) but I couldn’t face it.

      Yes, the North Pier where that art is based collapsed and the whole area is abandoned.


  2. Mrs PPT and I are ghouls.We also share RM’s love of cheap beer.
    So with this in mind we decided to forgoe the Haughty Heron tonight and return once again to the legendary Brick Wall Sports Bar and Grille in Port St Joe to enjoy,like professional mourners feasting on a wake’s ham sandwiches,the pleasures of its last night before the six month hiatus I mentioned earlier.
    It didn’t disappoint.
    Mindy’s fat arse occupied its usual somnolent position at the end of the bar and Kyle prowled and scowled in his usual manner.
    The food was,as we expected,dreadful.Cold hot wings and cold Tips and Tender Bites.This last dish is a steak cut up into pieces and renamed to avoid embarrassing American lard-arses too lazy to cut up their own steaks.
    And collard greens.This is basically cabbage in a sauce that tastes roughly what I would expect underneath the rim of a Parisian pissoir to taste like.
    In the hour we were there we watched at least 300 dollars worth of businness walk in and walk out a few minutes later having got tired of waiting for a waiter.
    They had run out of chips.Chips or fries as they call them are as essential to Americans surviving on Planet Earth as oxygen is to everyone else.
    Take chips away from a Yank and he invades another country to assuage his hunger pangs.
    But,and this is the reason for this nonsense,Mindy has updated the bar’s Facebook page to announce they’re not going to close down for six months as previously posted.
    Just a fortnight,in fact,as a local competitor has agreed to come on board and knock some shape into things.
    The updated post rambles a lot and involves kids being able to watch cartoons on the sports bar’s TVs.I think.
    If you have time I recommend a quick read of it.
    We leave for home in a few days but are tempted to stay just to be at the epicentre of this unfolding drama.
    I’ve seen West End plays with less intrigue.
    Oh,and on the way home we came across a car that had crashed into a ditch after its driver suffered a seizure.
    We spent half an hour ringing an ambulance and comforting the driver while we waited for it.
    On balance I think he had a worse evening than we did.


    1. P P-T,
      Burgers, which I understand to be popular in America, have always been a way of using the meat from redundant three year old dairy cows that un-minced would be far, far too tough for the American lard-arses too lazy to cut up their own steaks.
      Near me hot pork baps are deservedly more popular – and you could do with a trip to the Great Western in Wolverhampton for some, and the Holdens beers ( opens 11am ).


      1. Maybe, but a putting green has to have grass, real grass. Artificial grass doesn’t count. It’s a bit like Bass, rhymes with grass, and there are two types, the real (original) stuff and the artificial stuff made by … ? Yes, that’s right Marston’s PLC! Maybe they qualify as a crazy brewer?


    1. Indeed, and neither is as good as a proper crown bowling green like at the Stile, Newhampton ( both Wolverhampton ) and Hop Pole (Crewe)

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  3. We are staying in the Weston spoons for a night next month,on way down to Cornwall ,so I read this with interest !


    1. Hope you get a late summer, it’s a lovely place for a night out of season. Quite a few posts on WSM recently here if you type Weston in search facility. Took my parents on way back from Cornwall and they loved Winstons fish & chips.


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