So after two weeks of blog posts of octopus legs, ancient gorges and cathedrals, you’re getting an overdose of beer pubs for a while.

Last Monday we visited another undisputed classic while waiting for the fast train to Manchester.

We only had time for the Tap as the tram wasn’t working and Mrs RM certainly wasn’t running for the 17:41, not when I’d told her I’d allowed an extra hour for the inevitable rail cancellation anyway.

I stepped past the pram at the entrance and took my usual shot.

Ex-cuse me”.

Now this is very Mumsnet of me, but I detest people who say that. Just edge or brush past. No-one in Spain said “Ex-cuse me“, possibly because they’re Spanish not English, they just went round.

Anyway, now you know how to annoy me, here’s some pictures of hand pumps.

Choice. That’s another way to annoy me, but in the Tap you can assume someone in front of you will just have ordered a pint or two so just follow their lead.

Another Marble, the Bitter this time, and a juicy Tiny Rebel. It’s quite novel, a bar with breweries you’ve heard of, isn’t it ?

They were both “good”, the Tiny Rebel had the edge, but I wished I’d gone for their own beer which is probably made under a railway arch or something. I’m going soft.

Mrs RM ignored me; it’s her perogative. We had 15 minutes till the train left. I decided on another.

No, these aren’t ours;

Someone had just bought an Anarchy. I used to think they were a safe bet, like Mallinsons, but experiences teaches me that turnover is (nearly) everything and any beer can seem dull by the time it reaches the pumps.

At the bar, that Marble was just being replaces, which explained a lot, and I waivered before finally ordering a beer called “Buzzard Bait“.

But. It was startling, beer of the month stuff.

As always, Mrs RM sums it up better than I ever could;

Interesting, It’s a meal !”.

Easy to drink” says Shaun O, who must have drunk it at the Tap the day before I did. Nearly missed the train.

Note to self : Never make Mrs RM run for a train.


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