No. 8 in MumsNet underrated towns

MumsNet, source of 37% of my own blogging content, has been debating the most underrated towns in the UK.

On a completely unscientific basis, this is the Top 10;

  • Liverpool (underrated ?!)
  • Chester (really ?!)
  • Glasgow (underrated by people in Carluke ?)
  • The Llyn Peninsula (what ?)
  • Malvern (eh ?)
  • “Parts” of Staffordshire (Burslem ?)
  • Shropshire (not a town !)
  • Carlisle
  • Magna, Rotherham (not a town !)
  • Castleford

What does this show ? Britons don’t get out much, and Castleford is (rightly) proud of its town. I’ll be back in Cas soon.

Mumsnetters don’t choose their towns based on pubs, of course, or Stockport would be Number 1.

Interesting to see Carlisle mentioned a few times, and we started our Wall wander with high hopes of a good night out on the Heaventeenth, surrounded by drunk Cumbrians.

The train journey from Preston (aka Blackpool East) is full of gorgeousness, as the sun follows the righteous once more.

Not sure I’ve ever been to Carlisle’s wrought-iron wonder before.

Despite Mrs RM’s eagerness to dump her bags, I insisted we peek in the platform pub, the factually dubious “301 Miles From London”.

Note the GBG sticker. 2019?

Limited hours favouring the breakfast toper, but no sign of recent life as I peered indoors. No doubt it’ll return for 2022.

We arrived in the early evening of the Heaventeenth. I expected carnage on the streets. No carnage was forthcoming.

Even the statues were wearing masks;

And the gurgle of satisfaction from the Griffin was strictly socially distanced.

I know I always say this, but the sun really shone on the town, the brickwork sparkled, a brighter future stood before us.

Unlike Waterbeach, Sheffield and Manchester where it was bucketing down.

Mrs RM gave a stern “NO!” as I stared longingly at the Chinese takeaway that had won my affections 18 months ago,

and we headed through the Victorian back streets to our B & B.

12 thoughts on “No. 8 in MumsNet underrated towns

  1. The pub on Carlisle station is a bit disappointing: it’s a dramatic building, but it’s much more like a cafe, with cake and coffee to the fore, than a pub. I first went in not long after it had opened, and they had (I think) three real ales on. But this is not an important city with lots of trains and thousands of passengers passing through, like Sheffield or Leeds, or, what’s that city to the west of the Pennines? Oh yes, Chester. So, the short version is, they weren’t selling enough beer so it wasn’t in very good nick, so fewer people came in and they did fewer beers, and…

    However, I think it really is 301 miles from London, but only if measured along the railway tracks.

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    1. Looked a bit tired, Will, couldn’t see much sign of life. It only lasted a year in GBG19 (I missed it). You need to be a bit special to be a railway pub in a small town and get decent business (see also : Downham Market).


    2. Sheffield Hatter,
      Two miles isn’t worth arguing about but when twice a year I bought the proper 3184 page National Rail Timetable books Table 65 had Euston to Carlisle as 299 miles.


      1. Martin,
        Yes, it must be at least a couple of miles more going via Stoke.

        After all these years you’ve taught me why there’s always been separate Winter and Summer timetables.


  2. If they think that Liverpool and Glasgow are underrated towns, they’ve come up with a definition of “underrated” that is all their own!

    What do you reckon are the takeaway foods that go best with real ale? Would Chinese be at the top of the list?

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