Progress, progress, progress.

That’s the theme for June 2022, as I ploughed on with ticking the Good Beer Guide and simultaneously visiting every hitherto unexplored nook and cranny of the UK, uncovering gems like the Mansel Arms in Porthyrhyd, my Pub of the Month.

May saw sixty (60) new GBG ticks from 105 different pub visits, probably a record but I can’t be bothered to visit.

More importantly, it cleared two tricky off-shore parts of the GBG that I’ll probably get on to writing about in October at this rate (I’m still on 7 May on the blog).

And those pubs were all good, in their way, with NBSS 3 or better beer and a friendly welcome in the Marches and West Wales and Northern Ireland and Cumbria and Dorset and the Channel Isles.

Of course, everyone focuses on the one unexpectedly closed pub, and the inability of pubs to tell us if their open caused some fuss on CAMRA Discourse.

The other bugbear is dress codes. Why should folk in pyjamas be discriminated against ?

Baa Baa Toure and Colin don’t bother with clothes at all, of course. Their meeting of minds in York was a highlight of a social month.

Baa Baa needed a bit of a clean after meeting Colin. I think he’s broken the washing machine, which is leaking this morning.

My Beer of the Month came in the Seven Stars in Aberedw, a great community pub where the landlady expertly pinked her entry and I recovered from a night on Thatcher’s Stan’s Big Apple.

Mind, the Grey Trees was superb in the Mansel as well.

A great month, and I’m sure there was a sporting event of note at the Etihad those kindly Scouse folk will remind me of.


Well, let’s focus on the Queen’s Jubilee, shall we ?

OK, perhaps not. 12 pubs a week, in Devon and Scotland. Wherever THEY are.

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