Last day of the West Wales Wander, with 4 ticks on the way home to add 16 to the West Wales column of The Spreadsheet (soon, soon).

Llandovery is Stop Q, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons and looking pleasant in the sun that always shines on the righteous, even in Wales.

It’s the colour you’re drawn to, isn’t it ?

The pubs and Bara Brith houses seemed to be doing good business, but the Whitehall worried me a bit as we approached at noon.

Variable opening hours and a recent “sorry, closed tonight” on Facebook always put you on alert, even on a sunny Saturday. But the doors swung open on the dot of noon and Mrs RM headed to the corner for the best 5G reception so she could add the Untappd scores or whatever #PubWomen do.

Don’t be fooled, the place was buzzing with ten minutes, lads mostly, taking their lager onto the cobbles outside.

Or perhaps they were just avoiding us. Lost those notes, haven’t I, but I know they were probably playing “Wonderwall” or “Dakota” and the Mantle MOHO was cool and crisp because those are the only beer words I know.

Nice place. The next one was even better.


      1. Aye, I’ve mostly lived here for twenty-one years now, but would say that we do get more drizzle than many places further east. The greening road signs are the giveaway.

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