Looks like our BRAPA hasn’t bothered telling you about our emotional catch-up in York two weeks ago, either because a) he only writes about GBG ticking or b) he’s embarrassed by me. Or John or c) we’re such good company he failed to take any notes.

Anyway, he seemed pleased enough to meet up on Ouse Bridge dead on 16:00 and make polite conversation about York’s famous lack of pre-emptives on the way to the Three Cranes within the shadow of the Minster.

I made Simon do the pose for you, in case the Three Cranes does make GBG24,

but it won’t. It’s too good for that.

Taking photos of the exterior and their branded alley is easy,

She’s not dead, by the way.

But inside, with a crowd straight out of a Leigh market boozer, taking photos seemed a tougher proposition than in a Sam Smiths pub being visited by Sir Humphrey.

Thank goodness for Mark Brough, whose Google photos make it look a lot less, er, blokey than it seemed on our visit. That’s Christmas for you.

Simon had picked it as a good example of a York locals pubs, like I might pick the Hare & Hounds for Manchester visitors. It’s not THAT good, but with a good Tetley (the only sane choice) it would have made the GBG if such things were allowed in Yorkshire.

We talked about difficult pubs to get to, and disappointing experiences in Piercebridge. John tried to offload yellowing copies of What’s Brewing, without success.

Baa Baa and Colin finally cuddled, but I don’t think it’s a relationship that’s going anywhere, so watch out for a Sally Rooney play about it on BBC I-Player in 2023.

Colin looks overcome with emotion, but that may have been the gorgeous ’60s soundtrack of Sam Cooke and the Beach Boys. It was time to go, but I never leave before the end of this one;


  1. Is there a nattier pub blogging dresser than Si? No wonder the BRAPA elicits such regular shenanigans, it’s not exactly blending in is it! Such unbridled passion for the quest, it’ll be a fantastic and sad day when that final tick is acheived.

    To paraphrase Colonel Bill Kilgore, “Some day this pub ticking is gonna end…”


  2. Not sure if you heard, but you’re not allowed to drink Tetley’s now that it isn’t brewed in Leeds…I read that somewhere. Something about the water.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You really need to get back in the workforce. Marketing is your future. Half the tourist industry in the UK is using your tag lines.

        Liked by 1 person

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