Three pubs into the Great York Tuesday Topeathon (?) and time for me to stretch my legs on the walls while John has a Spoons lunch (Manager’s Special Curry, apparently).

The Micklegate Bar Spoons is clearly at a key location in the city as the walls have been built just outside its doors,

in fact the crane was just putting the finishing touches to it when I got there.

Baa Baa was enjoying the chance to stretch his legs, but a bit nervy about slipping off the ledge into a trendy bar.

Half-way round I decided I’d better not make the same mistake as some pub men in Bath recently and stopped for a Pret A Manger baguette in the main drag. Press PLAY now to hear the Carole King classic rendered by a York busker, and wish you’d been there. I’d have given you a crisp; I gave the busker a quid.

The walls aren’t as good as Conwy, I decided, but there’s more Sam Smith pubs and seagulls and ships.

John was having a fag outside Spoons, it’s what makes our pubs so special, and sceptical about my making him climb the walls on the way to Pub No. 4.

John had chosen the Slip Inn after seeing it was voted local Pub of the Year, possibly the worst way to choose a pub.

I really should have been on pints by now, beer is best in pints, but John is a softening influence and I stuck to a half of Half Moon (3+), which makes it a crescent moon I guess.

If there’s a model for micros than there’s also a model for York CAMRA pubs and the Slip Inn fits the model. Back street but slightly upmarket, polite, cosy, reassuring. In Sheffield it’s the Wellington, in Stockport it’s the Magnet, in Cambridge the Elm tree, perhaps.

Ticking over nicely just before the Golden Hour of 16:00, though you wondered if the Golden Hour actually came here.

John was dithering over his half in the garden, so I squeezed in a 3 minute Lucid Dream from Turning Point which was unwise but magical (NBSS 4).

The Slip Inn was nice, very nice, but I needed some nasty. I knew just the man.


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