NO ! Not our John, the beer, silly.

I’d wanted to revisit Osset’s Fox, a favourite of BRAPA and myself and a test of how midweek lunchtime drinking is holding up in mid-2022.

We’d have popped in the Volunteer, a GBG regular,

but lunchtime opening isn’t for everyone, and besides there was a scary object on the bench outside that was either a suspect device or an entrant to Robot Wars c. 2005.

Oddly, in 2016 I found The Fox a bit quieter and the beer a bit duller than I did now. That’s good news.

A multi-roomed gem” I wrote 6 years ago, showing my innate predictability of phrase even then.

Equally predictably, a half of Silver King, or is it Silver Fox in honour of John. Who knows.

A choice of about five (5) drinking areas off the main drag, so we again predictably choose the one on the left with someone in we can eavesdrop on. That’s me, not John.

One for fans of bench seating and colours over than grey.

My photo looks like it’s nicked from Ossett’s website, which shows you how good the beer was, a cool, crisp 3.5. I guess the dark one’s the Porter, but you know what happened to my notes. Buy me a pencil for my birthday (22/12).

Baa Baa liked this one, relieved at the lack of a ban on electronic devices,

and jigging (do sheep jig ?) along to a classic soundtrack that suddenly veered from classic Motown to this jam;

Only now do I realise that Rare Earth were somehow ON the Motown label while also heading a line-up of the great and the good in the 1970s.

I await the Southworth brothers’ verdict on their musical oeuvre.

14 thoughts on “THE SILVER KING, IN THE FOX

  1. I find that one of the more eclectic concert selections that I’ve ever seen. Bloomfield and Iggy? “Then Came the Last Days of May” on the BOC live album one of my favorite guitar solos. Go Buck.

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      1. Mostly white guys from Detroit playing R&B. I Just Want To Celebrate was played a ton at public venues like sporting events. Detroit had a crazy mix of music at that time.

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