I had no particular plans for my afternoon in York, bar wearing out Hitchin John by making him walk far further than necessary. As it was, York is compact and our six (6) pubs made a nice hour’s walk.

10 minutes walk south-west from the station, dangerously close to BRAPA land, we came across this;

No obvious sign, no pub flashing up at me from the CAMRA App, but a promise of premium lager and pool tables and other fun, fun, fun stuff.

And cash only. Gets better.

Lovely garden too,

and a sign, hidden behind the tree.

Ah, Crystal Palace. Never heard of it, let’s go in for a half.

Oh, blimey, it’s a Sams. A symphony in brown, absolutely spotless, bargain beer.

Darn, accidentally took a photo on the old antique Leica before I read the sign.

Now, if Mrs RM had been there she could have got told off for using her phone. “Taking one for the team“, I think it’s called.

Anyway, not sure if it’s just put cask back on, but the OBB was superb (NBSS 3.5), and you’ll know how variable it’s been in recent years.

Old boys in the bar, a couple of lads finishing their pints in the corner of the lounge, the nice lady who served us wandered over to pick the glasses up and we told her how lovely the pub was.

And it was. But will it make GBG23 ?

13 thoughts on “MYSTERY PUB, YORK

  1. I knew which pub it was when I saw the first sign. But the chances of a Yorkshire Sam’s pub getting in the GBG are or a par with those of Sir Geoffrey Boycott being recalled as England cricket supremo.

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  2. No mystery to me as you can tell from my Pubs Galore review. I assume the next two entries will include The Vol and The Fox? If not you need to walk further down Holgate Road next time, although the chances of meeting BRAPA increase exponentially the further down there you go.


  3. I gather Sam Smith’s pubs have a “no using phones” policy, which I’d imagine is certainly enforced if you call someone and start having a chat. Have you ever seen someone being told they’re in violation of the policy? I can’t imagine they’d be upset at someone snapping a few photos.

    I’m guessing the vast majority of people know what a Samuel Smith’s pub is all about, so they know the rules from the outset and modify their behavior accordingly.

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