The problem with the fixation on the Good Beer Guide, coupled with the limitation of the working retired week to seven (7) days a week (due to Brexit, probs), means there’s little time to shamelessly enjoy pubs you’ve been to already.

So well done to my old mate John “Depeche Mode” John , who regularly gets me to meet up in weird towns like Chichester and Hitchin for non-ticking activities.

Two weeks ago that weird town city was York.

Weird maps on Bing. No Manchester or Leeds, but a vast place called “Coppice”.

The day after the Monday Bank Holiday, I managed to get one of the thirty-seven (37) discounted rail fares, £4.20 each way Sheffield to York. Hard to resist, as long as I made sure I didn’t overdo it, which of course I NEVER do.

John was already at the station, at the Tap.

I named this a Top 100 pub a few years back. Blimey.

Still very gorgeous, though not as busy as expected just before noon. What do people DO in York ?

Hitchin John was on his second half of the morning, and managed to produce an entirely natural smile to greet Baa Baa.

John is one of life’s treasures, great company, but he really doesn’t know how to hold a pub ticker’s mascot, does he ?

He’s also a half pint drinker, after a childhood trauma (he was born in the South), and has on occasion asked for a half pint to be decanted into two halves. The anti-BRAPA, in fact.

The Boltmaker is drinking well“, so I had a half too. I’m seeing a lot of Tim Taylor on the bars of pubs with adventurous ranges. Fat Cats in Norwich and Sheffield for instance.

Nothing wrong with that, as long as it’s shifting quick, of course, and Boltmaker seems to be the pale beer of choice for the average drinker, though some prefer a Black Sheep.

This was cool and chewy, a 3.5 start to a 3.5+ day, and I’ll probably always pop in here on York trips as the seating is so comfy.

John had brought copies of What’s Brewing from 2003 with him following a spring clean of his attic, one of them featuring Sheffield’s Bath Hotel. He’d also brought a card for Simon.

He’s never sent ME a card (22 December), but I’m not bitter. Baa Baa has long forgotten when his birthday is, so don’t bother sending him/her a card.

OK, it’s gone 12, let’s go west to a Proper Pub.


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