Some of you have expressed your concern for Baa Baa Toure’s welfare after his “close association” with Colin the Cauliflower in the Three Cranes.

Rest assured, he’s been thoroughly decontaminated.

Press “PLAY” now for the action-packed video (children should seek parental guidance first).

The sixth and final York pub of the day was another BRAPA-approved non-GBG boozer.

A great sign; blokes standing outside making calls to secure play-off tickets.

On our Official Old Codger trips we often do pubs like the Three Tuns that serve beers you’ve heard of (Boo !), are welcoming to old and young (Boo !) and make no concession to preserving the past (Boo !).

In Sheffield the equivalent pub would be the Old Queen’s Head, in Manchester it’d be the Bull’s Head. Unfussy, no ale pretensions, a mix of weirdness and wine drinkers.

OK, perhaps the Three Tuns has a slightly more genteel customer count than you get outside Piccadilly station on a Saturday night, though you wait till the Boston United fans turn up for the National League (North) final this Saturday.

In York, Marston’s pubs have as much chance of making the GBG in 2022 as of seeing Hitchin John drinking a pint rather than two halves of flavoured cider.

I can’t remember anything here apart from two loo trips,

and the finest pint of Pedigree since that modern diner on the edge of Sheffield last year.

It was cool, rich and gorgeous (NBSS 4). BRAPA is two out of three of those.

Anyway, it was now nearly 6pm, past John (and Baa Baa’s) bed time, and Simon had a KETO* diet to observe, so I ambled back to the station.

How do they know he’s HAPPY ?

*KETO = Keep Eating The Otter

6 thoughts on “THE THREE TUNS – A TON OF FUN

      1. Col used to have a spin but Mummy BRAPA insists on washing him by hand these days now he’s an honorary grandchild.

        Top blogging, always got a soft spot for ze Tuns.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Approval from BRAPA of York is approval indeed.

        I feel guilty now for putting Baa Baa in the spin just for a few extra blog views but times are hard.


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