I’m targeting a minimum of twelve (12) new GBG ticks a week now, with some problematic overseas ticking to come, so it’s imperative we make an early start to get to those midday openers on time.

Which is fine if you don’t have make-up to apply and search for electronic devices before you hit the road.

Three pubs needed in Shropshire, and an immediate return to the Long Mynd. If only we’d known in July in that the Yew Tree would join the Malt House in the Guide. Why oh why couldn’t local CAMRAs have told us what would be in the next Guide ?

Like the Malt House down the road, the Yew Tree is a food-led pub, but since everyone else was aged 67.3 I doubt they were climbing the Carding Mill Valley after lunch.

Nice views, courtesy of the pub website.

The signage taunted us with a promise of Bass,

but as Mrs RM rushed to grab the freest of free tables in the bar, rejecting the dining room,

I saw my beer choice was to be both Bass-less and too big.

And then the laughter started. The gentlefolk having the time of their lives after finishing their Fidget Pie with Seasonal Vegetables. We were alone in the bar, but the fun was next door.

Never mind. The Ludlow Gold was good, the fish and chips calorific, and the young licensees a model of efficiency and politeness. I didn’t warn them about the BRAPA visit due in 2028.

The Landlady conducted a business-like discussion with an unidentified brewery about a rogue barrel of beer, and my sense of a “proper pub with food” only rose when I saw the delivery of eggs as we left.

I’ve no idea why a delivery of eggs should make such an impression on me. Shropshire is a slow county.


    1. You did actually count the eggs, didn’t you?
      And I counted them to see if you’d counted them.
      I really should get out more.


  1. I’d have had Butty Bach.
    Fidget Pie is wonderful.
    Shropshire is one of the finest counties in England. Apart from Telford, obviously.


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