The Great Marches Meander took us over bucolic Corvedale via Much Wenlock to Bridgnorth.

Not many pubs, not many people. It’s an essential trip.

As is Bridgnorth, which despite providing me with thirteen (13) GBG ticks (and a Spoons) over the years

I hadn’t visited the place in six years since a wonderful night of Batham’s and Balti with Curry Charles.

That’s far too long, and sadly this was a flying visit too as Mrs RM nabbed the last 30 minute free spot in the hectic High Street.

Yes, 2022 is a year to be focused, to get the tick, take the pic, have a lick.

Having assumed that I must have visited every pub in town it was a shock to see such a prominent pub as the Shakespeare pop up in GBG22. I’d been assuming it was a Black Country acquisition but as you’ll see it’s our friends Joules, Stafford Paul’s favourite authenticity preserevers.

They keep old brewery mirror manufacturers in Wrexham in business, run pubs that Mrs RM says “this is nice” about, and remind you of the days when a pint and a ploughman gave you change from 6d/.

How can you not like Joules ? Apart from the Shakespeare. I detest Shakespeare. A Shakespeare themed pub in Maidenhead selling kale salads priced “11,5” would be my idea of Hell.

The hardworking barperson is wonderful. “You take a seat my lovely, I’ll bring your coffee over !”.

It takes me ages to find Mrs RM, she always sits as far away from the possible. Something to do with WiFi I guess.

A decent rather than life-changing Joules Pale (NBSS 3), a great coffee, a lack of banter. You go to Bridgnorth, mainly from Wombourne, for pashminas rather than Hi-Vis. That’s OK.

6 thoughts on “A BRIDGNORTH JOULE

  1. “Stafford Paul’s favourite authenticity preservers” – if they were I’d have been in their Yee Oldee Rosee Ande Crowne for the Joules Brown Mild on the West Midlands Mild Crawl of ten Stafford pubs today.
    Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby Mild in the Greyhound and Holdens Mild in the Railway was a good start to the day.

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      1. Yes indeed as in Eastbourne my previous outing, though with slowing down in my old age it wasn’t all ten pubs, I wasn’t out long and didn’t mind missing the three with upstairs lavatories, Tim’s two venues and the one with a Marmalade Mild.

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