That carb overload on Tuesday night came back to haunt us the next morning as we headed into the Shropshire Hills for an ambitious assault on the Long Mynd.

By extraordinary coincidence, there’s a new GBG pub at the foot of the Long Mynd in Church Stretton. Even more astonishingly, it will be the FIRST pub in Church Stretton I ever do.

But let’s save that for the post-climb, shall we ?

Blimey, those contours look tough, particularly after cheesy nachos and Somewhere Over The Rainbow Cake the night before.

What gorgeous views as you enter the Devil’s Mouth, singing “Homeward Bound” (identified by Mrs RM) you just heard playing in the garden of a £1.7m estate on the way out of town.

25 years ago we were stuck in my Fiesta Pop Plus on the tiny road through here to Ratlinghope as two motorhomes clashed, and I can assure you it’s better by foot.

Isn’t England gorgeous ? Well, yes, but best walked on an un-bloated tummy, and after 45 minutes we headed back in search of a healthier lunch.

The Malt House is an unfussy allrounder with charming staff, a crisp White Rat (NBSS 3.5), Australia v France on the telly (ugh !), a healthy aubergine stew, and some workmates on Carling and baguettes and chips.

A regular came in and described his pale beer as “A shock to the palate“, which I think I’ll use to attract the Beer Twitter crowd.

Church Stretton was buzzing with gentlefolk, like a less vegan Bishop’s Castle, and I wondered how I’d missed it for so long.

Look, there’s even a new(ish) Joules !

But then I attempted to buy some fizzy water for Mrs RM in the Co-op, joined a queue of 37 for the one check-out, and got told off for standing in the wrong yellow box and wanted to get out of town fast.

Will the yellow boxes go on the 19th ?

Map for Sara;

13 thoughts on “UP AND DOWN THE LONG MYND

  1. The King’s Arms has definitely been in in the past when it was a Wem pub; not sure if the Buck’s Head has.

    I vaguely remember the micro (now the Catch) being in as well.

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    1. Was that Malcolm’s (?) micro. Possibly I didn’t complete Salop GBG entries one year, I probably go back 15 years of doing the Midlands Guide entries annually. Certainly there were several pubs that looked GBG possibles.


    2. Was the Catch a micropub? I’ve been in the now closed Stretton Ale House, but the Catch was a cafe-plus-hand-pumps place last time I was in Church Stretton.

      And somehow I’ve never been there when Old Coppers Malt House was open. Though I have had a beer or two in all the other pubs in Church, Little and All Stretton. And the Horseshoe at Bridges, over the other side of Long Mynd. Not to mention Bishops Castle and most of the Clun Valley…

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  2. Wow these pictures are spectacular. Can you please tell me where you parked to get these views at the start and which route did you take to get to the devil’s mouth? Heading there this week. Thank you in advance

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    1. Hi Sara and thanks for commenting.

      We parked in Lutwyche Road Car Park in Church Stretton and walked up Burway Road to Carding Mill Valley, about 20 minutes walk before you get to the views in the photos. Follow the crowds !

      I’ve added a little map extract for you on the end of the blog post.



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