I can tell how much you love these Sheffield bears, so here’s some more corkers.

Also note the blue skies on the last Saturday before “Freedom Day“.

The balmy weather coincided with a continental market in Sheffield’s main drag outside the town hall which had managed to commandeer an astonishing range of German beer.

On closer inspection it seemed to be JUST Berliner Pilsner, but as you know one beer is plenty etc. etc.

It was great to see the city come alive at last, although the crystallised whippet droppings seemed to be selling slowly.

Down by the station Mrs RM declared her bear count on 34 and demanded a continental cafe stop.

Saving the Howard for my own enjoyment, I directed her through the office complex and emerged blinking at the unexpected sight of Tudor Sheffield.


This is about as close to medieval as you get, unless you count the fayre at Pumpkin at the station.

Remarkably, this Thwaites boozer is back in the GBG this year, outperforming several free houses with 99 variations on homebrewed pale.

Mrs RM loved the look of it, contrasting with the urbanity surrounding it.

The sign said “Wait to be seated”. We waited 17 seconds (good record) and seated ourselves near the bar. A young chap told us off, then warmed to us (I thought), and brought me a stunningly smooth pint of the Gold.

What even is Thwaites Gold ? And how good are those pump clips ?

That pint glass is looking dangerously low !” said the barman about 3 minutes later.

But we weren’t staying, though the pub had a really pleasing range of Old Boys, value diners and tourists.

We still had bears to tick.


      1. I thought it was “Twats”, as displayed on the sign at the brewery when it’s closure was announced. Have they had a horrible rebrand/renaming of their beers to try and get in with the Crafteratti?

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