Friday the 8th October 2021. The day Pub Curmudgeon got the gang back, the first meeting of the Beer & Pubs Forum since you-know-what. I wore my special Bass shirt (actually the smartest thing I own since I threw the suits away, which will be awkward at funerals).

It was a lovely day to cross the Peak into Cheshire, especially by Stocky standards; I must visit more often.

I actually squeezed in an early cut from my son in Albert Square, and looked longingly at the trio of Proper Pubs obscured by Manc buses.

The gang had made an early (well, 11.15) start at a Sams pub, and as the train rumbled past Stockport’s iconic Red Rock I became determined to meet them there.

So stopping to admire this artwork was a bad idea. Contrary to what you might assume, it’s NOT Mudgie, Allen, Bailey and Hatter.

Mudgie had provide detail directions to navigate the Underbanks to the Queen’s Head, but I was able to get lost without them.

Now you’ll know Sir Humphrey bans modern devices in his wonderful pubs, which is why I had to resort to an ancient camera,

See the source image

which is why these shots are in black and white.

I thought I’d try to stick to halves on this trip, but that fell apart fairly quickly. The OBB was decent but a bit over-chilled, we were the only customers, and the Compacto was shut. But you’d still want the Queen’s Head in your own town.

We left at 11:55 to catch the striking of the Winter’s clock to commemorate the loss of a classic Holt boozer, but as it’s been taken over by a French restaurant it was on strike.

Will stared aimlessly at the blue skies,

just as the plane flew over from Sheffield dropping emergency supplies of craft beer.

We went in search of the (magic) Unicorn….


  1. Surviving Stockport.
    A group of old men choose what they think is an innocuous town to have a few pints and slag off CAMRA like they do on their internet pubs forum.
    Then they tasted the bitter,
    A harrowing drama coming soon to ITV

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    1. I sense a story about you burning your suits on the way home on your last day !

      I recycled most of my suits in the first month, bar one I kept that now looks threadbare and isn’t really a suit.


      1. The suit died when it became associated with wage slavery.
        People forced to wear one, buying cheap ill fitting garments to show up at offices in.
        Tech bros showed they were different by wearing t shirts and hoodies. The aspirational look of success became informal.
        However, peacocking, has long occurred in mens fashion. Don’t be surprised if the suit returns one day among younger men that want to stand out from the Clarksonesque scruff of older men.

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