A reminder that if you can’t be bothered to read my report look at my photos from the Stockport crawl you could always go straight to the more concise posts from Pub Curmudgeon (here), Kentish Paul Bailey (here) and Brummie Pete (here). I suspect Cheshire Life had a reporter there too.

Stockport had anticipated our invasion (even Mudgie is from the Heatons), and had a shop selling protective clothing to ward off BBB enthusiasts. Or something.

Our second stop, accessed via a charming walk through the picturesque shopping centre, was a Robinsons pub I hadn’t used for a decade.

Partly because it seemed to keep irregular hours that reflect its location in the retail heart of town (see also : a pub in a Crewe shopping centre I’ve long forgotten), but now the Swan With Two Necks is a reliable opener for tickers, tourists and topers.

Getting your hours right, and sticking to them, certainly works. The Swan was getting busier by the minute, with a mixed crowd drawn by chat, pies, and bench seating.

I particularly liked the drinking corridor,

and the “Brains” room,

but we picked the second room on the left where we could have proper Pub Men conversations in private, and where Mudgie could entertain the other “P”s in our group with his Megan Thee Stallion rap.

Who’s Megan Thee Stallion ?” thinks Pete.

I reckon the Unicorn was the beer of the day, a cool, crisp, foamy, satisfying NBSS 4.

Almost as good as the pints in the Robbies Visitor Centre and the Arden Arms, which is a high standard.

Will had sneaked off, possibly keen to see the amazing sight of the Red Rock entertainment emerging from the back yard, also home to a Pie & Mash Hut.

I know some folk have questioned the grey makeover of the exterior, and I tend to agree that Robbies haven’t got a clue about design (they should take lessons from Sir Humphrey), but many of their Stockport pubs are magnificent.

The next one was good too.


  1. It’s two Swans, one behind the other isn’t it! Everyone falls for that…

    Looks a proper townie boozer, and your billet looks good. As I’m sure you know, it’s sometimes possible to almost take against a pub, not because it doesn’t have great aspects, more that if you get the timing wrong you can end up sitting in the least interesting/convivial part of the pub and feel you’re missing the action. I imagine you’d have to get up pretty early in the morning to bag a seat in the corridor.

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    1. Yes that’s a great point. I’ve been in a few pubs where there’s been no space with the locals and you have to sit on your own in the next room, never quite sure if the locals are wondering why you’re not joining them.


  2. A wonderful pub that we perhaps tend to take for granted. I did actually move some of the dreaded scatter cushions across to the side where we weren’t sitting 😈

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