Pub No. 3 on the Codgers in Cheshire Crawl took me back to the Arden Arms, where my youngest lad was converted to a lifetime of joy drinking Unicorn in April. Well, actually he drinks at Vocation and Fierce so #CaskIsDead.

It really is a lovely pub.

Six months ago we had to enjoy lunch in the courtyard, now all that fuss is over (is it ?) we can enjoy the classic, if slightly continental, interior at last.

Leon of 5 second pint fame had joined us by now, causing chaos and confusion by not eating. Well, not really, but it’s a pub you really want to visit for lunch.

Matt had the cheese & onion pie in April, so I followed his lead.

As before, I couldn’t fault the food (crispy chips), or the service, or the company. The Unicorn, the only possible choice, was a 3.5 which actually seemed a tad disappointing after the euphoria of Spring.

One of these days I’ll be brave enough to sneak behind the bar to the hidden snug. It’s the only place local CAMRA members are allowed to drink the Craft IPA without fear of being reported to the Regional Director.

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