Don’t worry, it’s not entirely “one pub = one post” on the Stockport Stagger or I’ll be here till Christmas (always a good time to do Stocky).

Where were we ? Oh yes, (D), the Arden, pretending to walk off a huge pie on the way down to Portwood.

On the way we pass some of the concrete plantations that Cheshire are renowned for.

We were really missing Stafford’s Paul Mudge at this point, he’d have driven us forward and paid no heed to the “advisory” red lights.

Stockport is renowned for Proper Pubs like the (Portwood) Railway (the other Railway on the A6 is good, too), seemingly always under threat of conversion into a pashmina shop.

Lose the Railway, lose the soul of Stockport.

Choose me ANYTHING, please” I shout to the crowd at the bar, and see Twitter legends Sarah and Quosh reserving us a table in the corner.

The notes and the photos trail off a bit at this stage, but you’ll see the lacings on the Strange Times Neo Cosmo Blonde (thanks Mudgie),

and not be surprised if I tell you it was an NBSS 3.5+. Too many beers for my liking, but seemingly all lovely.

We took the uphill route back into town, the downhill one being under construction, and noted this loving homage to Leslie Ash.

The sun appeared over the market place, and our southern visitors spirits rose.

Back to Sam Smiths for Pub 5, a favourite of the Southworth twins.

This photo obviously comes from 1921 (original, not colourised) as modern devices are banned in the Boar’s Head, which seemed notably quieter than on previous Fridays.

I enjoyed the OBB, cool and fruity, but needed a bit of Spoons life.

So while the rest of the group split up to tick hipster bars, I put £1.20 in the tills of a Proper Pub, sipping a Dalston rhubarb soda amidst the cultural melting pot that is the Calvert’s Court.

Feeling a bit tired and emotional by now, to be honest, but I felt duty bound to pop in the Petersgate Tap and complain that they didn’t have Bass on permanently.

Will, who rarely sees exciting beer in Sheffield, urged me towards the 8.5% Torrside Reign of Grain.

BRAPA would have had a pint, of course, but I’m no BRAPA.

It took me almost 20 minutes to finish a half

Almost as long as it took to get a photo of Quosh that he was happy with.

That hat will end up in Stockport’s hat museum when it re-opens, you know.

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