I end with a picture of a meticulously crafted pint of Holt Bitter (and part of Sheffield Hatter’s meticulously crafted beard), as I make the Sun & Castle (stop I) my final stop before I wimp out and head home (getting old).

On the way up Hillgate, it is a legal requirement to admire the Land O’ Cakes mural.
I remembered the Sun & Castle, a rare Holt survivor in Stocky, from the pre-Christmas stagger in 2015.

A wonderful community atmosphere, and I’m pleased to see they’d already got the Christmas deccies up on 8th October.

Oddly, despite our house being a model of minimalism, Mrs RM and I both love clutter in our pubs (see: the Blind Monkey).

And despite not being a fan of pub pets, I warmed to the caged bird (is it a parrot ?) I have named Paul Mudge.

I was really missing Stafford Paul’s company at this point, but Kentish Paul manfully made it up the hill to join me for a pint that in his blog he admits may have been a pint too far. What a hero, what an example to us all.

This was a gorgeous pint. Cheerfully served, beautifully presented, cool and bitter (NBSS 3.5+). Just as Bitter should be. Virtually all the beer on this crawl was well above my GBG standard, much of it exceptional.

I’d picked up a copy of the local CAMRA magazine (back on paper, hoorah !) at the Petersgate Tap, and it’s still my favourite, but the lack of the Pub Curmudgeon column came as a bit of a blow.

Here’s Pub Curmudgeon’s meticulously notes from the day (see report here); no doubt they’ll be on display in the Wetherspoons Museum of Pubs in Wolverhampton eventually.

And that was Stockport, for me. I’m not allowed out after dark so I headed home, leaving the Armoury and the Olde Vic to the hardcore.

Sadly, I never did get to meet Cooking Lager.

5 thoughts on “A PINT OF HOLT’S

  1. Me, drink on a work day?
    I’m the driving heart of the UK economy, me.
    Drink during the day with old scrotes?
    That’s why temperance lobbies form to stop the degeneration of the working class.
    Don’t sup can it until the weekend.
    Like a respectable person.

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  2. Pleased you enjoyed Opening Times – we’ve had a huge amount of positive feedback since it was relaunched. Currently working on the November/December issue.

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